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This is the Austin Group Interpretations repository.

For information on defect reporting, technical corrigenda and the interpretations process please see document Austin/112r2.

Austin Group members can login to view any draft unapproved interpretations.

Recent Interpretations  
29-Sep-09 Austin-003:dlsym():enhancement request Sep2009 txt  
06-Mar-08 Austin-216:XSH:setstate const prototype Approved txt  
06-Mar-08 Austin-215:XSH:waitid WNOHANG Approved txt  
06-Mar-08 Austin-214:XSH:fprintf EOVERFLOW Approved txt  
06-Mar-08 Austin-213:XSH:sem_post maximum number of semaphores Approved txt  
06-Mar-08 Austin-212:XSH:pthread_attr_setscope pa_setscope ENOTSUP Approved txt  
07-Dec-07 Austin-189:XCU:awk hexadecimal floating point constants Approved txt  
07-Dec-07 Austin-210:XSH: feature test macros Approved txt  
07-Dec-07 Austin-209:XSH: poll FIFO POLLIN Approved txt  
07-Dec-07 Austin-208:XSH: Tracing POSIX_TRACE_RESUME Approved txt  
07-Dec-07 Austin-207:XCU: m4 blank Approved txt  
07-Dec-07 Austin-206:XCU: iconv tomap Approved txt  
07-Dec-07 Austin-205:XCU: 2.6.3 shell command substitution null Approved txt  
07-Dec-07 Austin-204:XCU: fold backspace character Approved txt  
07-Dec-07 Austin-203:XCU: 2.13.3 shell command language Approved txt  
07-Dec-07 Austin-202:XCU: 2.6.1 shell command language tilde field split Approved txt  
07-Dec-07 Austin-201:XCU:awk string representation infinities Nans Approved txt  
13-Nov-07 Austin-200:XCU:utilities STDIN, STDOUT, STDERR clauses Approved txt  
13-Nov-07 Austin-199:XCU:cd 2 slashes Approved txt  
13-Nov-07 Austin-198:XCU:ls -H Approved txt  
13-Nov-07 Austin-197:XCU:shell command language assign+redirect Approved txt  
13-Nov-07 Austin-196:XCU:command -p -v Approved txt  
13-Nov-07 Austin-195:XCU:find first operand Approved txt  
13-Nov-07 Austin-194:XCU:read backslash Approved txt  
13-Nov-07 Austin-193:XCU:touch -t Approved txt  
13-Nov-07 Austin-192:XCU:diff text vs binary Approved txt  
13-Nov-07 Austin-191:XCU:yacc and trigraphs Approved txt  
13-Nov-07 Austin-190:XCU:c99 trailing white space Approved txt  
19-Oct-07 Austin-188:XSH:connect reset connection for datagram socket Approved txt  
19-Oct-07 Austin-187:XSH:strerror empty error string Approved txt  
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