The Open Group Cloud Computing Reference Architecture
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This was a project of the Cloud Computing Work Group, now part of the Open Platform 3.0™ Forum. Its aims were to:

  • Describe Cloud architecture;
  • Produce a reference architecture for Cloud Computing; and
  • Describe architecture, security, and network requirements to support the cloud.


The project intended to produce an Open Group Technical Standard reference architecture for Cloud Computing. It did not do so, because:

  • The Use of TOGAF® for Cloud Ecosystems project produced the Open Group Cloud Ecosystem Reference Model technical standard, which includes a reference model for use of TOGAF® in cloud ecosystems, and
  • ISO, the IEC, and the ITU-T jointly published International Standards ISO/IEC 17788, Cloud Computing - Overview and Vocabulary and ISO/IEC 17789, Cloud Computing - Reference Architecture, which include a general cloud computing reference architecture, and incorporate substantial input from The Open Group.

As these materials are available, development of a separate Open Group reference architecture for Cloud Computing is not necessary.

Next Steps

The project is completed.


Ali Arsanjani
TJ Virdi

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