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The Cloud Business Use Cases project was a project of the Cloud Computing Work Group, now part of the Open Platform 3.0™ Forum. It was established to:

  • Develop customer requirements and use cases.
  • Look at business models and value propositions for participants throughout the Cloud ecosystem.
  • Investigate Cloud business models and value propositions of different Clouds.
  • Understand how the cloud can offer better security and quality of service than home grown infrastructure for certain (small/med) businesses.
  • Understand business impact on Cloud architecture.
  • Develop the business architecture foundations for adoption of cloud.
  • Examples of successfull usage of Clouds - when does CC makes sense

The project has now closed, having achieved its objectives.


The project produced a set of business use cases, which were published in July 2010 as the Open Group white paper Strengthening your Business Case for Using Cloud.

The use cases were subsequently included in the book Cloud Computing for Business, published in August 2011.

The project then produced the Open Group Guide Maximizing the Value of Cloud for Small-Medium Enterprises, published in April 2012.

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