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Check out the podcast in which E.G. Nadhan, David Janson, and Chris Harding discuss A Tale of Two IT Departments, or How Governance is Essential in the Hybrid Cloud and Bimodal IT Era.


The Cloud Computing Governance project will define the overarching governance processes, structures and guidelines across all the aspects of Cloud-based solution deployment from the perspectives of key stakeholders like the Consumer, Provider and Developer.

The target audience includes:

  • Executive sponsors for Cloud Computing
  • Enterprise Architects and IT Strategists
  • Cloud consumers
  • Cloud providers
  • Cloud integrators
  • Cloud developers
  • Cloud auditors

The guiding principles are to:

  • Align with existing Governance Models & Standards;
  • Extend / Leverage existing Open Group Governance frameworks; and
  • Ensure coverage and support for governing models around BPaaS, SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS for public, private and hybrid environments.

The project will achieve its objective through the following activities.

  • Define Cloud Governance
  • Identify existing Governance Models and Standards (including SOA Governance)
  • Define relationship with these models and standards (ITIL, COBIT)
  • Refine and evolve Cloud Reference Model
  • Refine and evolve Cloud Vitality Model
  • Define Cloud Governance Matrix Examples
  • Apply to Business Scenario


The project will deliver an effective, industry standard framework for creating Cloud Computing Governance regimens to meet different organizational needs:

  • Common language, best practices and guidelines for governance
  • Method for continuing to align business goals and Cloud Computing processes
  • Cloud Governance Models, including a Reference Model and a Vitality Model.

Latest Accomplishments

The project was formed in December 2011.

Next Steps

The project team will proceed to work on the deliverables.

Standards and Drafts

None yet.


Tina Abdollah, IBM; and E G Nadhan, HP.

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