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PASC Interpretations Information

Author: Andrew Josey, The Open Group
PASC Functional Chair Interpretations

For IEEE Std 1003.1-2001, interpretations and maintenance are managed by the Austin Group which uses the Aardvark bugeater, see Please select the Aardvark link on that site to input a defect report.

For 1003.1-2001 interpretations see

For 1003.13-2003 interpretations see

The following information is available:

Some documents on this site are in Adobe PDF format, viewers for 18 platforms are freely-available from here.

Finalised Interpretations Logs

The Logs listing the finalised interpretations are available here.

Finalised Interpretations Text

The IEEE lawyers do not allow us to maintain copies of the finalised interpretations on this site. The IEEE maintains a partial set of finalised interpretations on-line:

A more complete set of final text is maintained by WG15 , who are able to publish the work of PASC albeit in the form of Record of Responses to Defect Reports. This is available on the WG15 web site.

The PASC Functional Chair also maintains an InfoBase of information on Interpretations. You may browse the InfoBase , but please observe the notices.


The IEEE PASC gratefully acknowledges The Open Group for the time of the Functional Interpretations Chair.

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