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Welcome to the official web site of the IEEE's Portable Application Standards Committee (PASC). PASC is the group that has and continues to develop the POSIX family of standards.


What is PASC?

What is POSIX?

What are the PASC Administrative Functions?

What are the PASC Working Groups?

How can I participate in PASC?


What is PASC?

PASC is the IEEE's Portable Application Standards Committee. It is chartered with defining standard application service interfaces - most notably those in the POSIX family. PASC was formerly known as the Technical Committee on Operating Systems.

What is POSIX? The IEEE POSIX Standards are all currently entitled

	Information Technology --
	Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) --
	Part xx: ....

The original, trial-use, standard published in 1986 was actually called IEEE-IX (IEEE's version of UNIX). However, this was rapidly changed to POSIX in time for the second printing (also in 1986).

The standard is heavily influenced by UNIX® -- and in the latest revision now merges with The Open Group's Base Specifications which comprise the core of the Single UNIX Specification -- in the mid eighties there was a plethora of UNIX operating systems, most of which had names ending in X (e.g. HPUX, AIX, PNX, Xenix, etc), and that certainly influenced the naming decision.

The following quote appears in the Introduction to POSIX.1: "The name POSIX was suggested by Richard Stallman. It is expected to be pronounced pahz-icks as in positive, not poh-six, or other variations. The pronounciation has been published in an attempt to promulgate a standardized way of referring to a standard operating system interface".

What are the PASC Administrative Functions? PASC has several administrative functions. These functions are mostly handled by volunteers from the PASC community. They can be broken down into the following major areas:

  • Sponsor Executive Committee

    The SEC, and indeed all of PASC, is chaired by Joseph Gwinn of Raytheon. The role of the SEC is to coordinate all of the various PASC activities, including authorizing the sponsorship of new activities under PASC.

  • Balloting

    Once PASC standards have been developed by a PASC working group, they enter the IEEE's balloting process.

  • Interpretations Committees

    Within the IEEE, each completed standard must have a designated interpretations group to address issues arising from implementors of the standards.

  • Technical Editors

    Each active PASC project must have a designated Technical Editor. These editors are responsible for applying changes to each draft standard, and coordinating the activities of various content authors within each working group.

What are the PASC Working Groups?

The main working group today is the P1003.1 committee which works with the Austin Group.

How can I participate in PASC?

Participation in PASC, as in all IEEE standards activities, is open to any individual who wishes to participate. While there is no requirement that PASC participants be IEEE members, membership in the IEEE Standards Association is encouraged of all PASC participants. Once a draft standard is completed and enters the balloting process, only IEEE Standards Association members are permitted to join the balloting pool to vote on its ratification as an official IEEE standard.

Receiving PASC Formal Materials

PASC Formal Materials include the working documents of working groups, background rationale documents, and early drafts of emerging standards. These materials are considered the intellectual property of the IEEE, and as such are protected by IEEE copyright. Drafts of the revision to POSIX 1003.1 are available from the Austin Group web site.


To access subscriber services you need to join the pasc-gen mailing list, see the mailinglists link.

PASC SEC members have their own access level and should login to access SEC files.

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