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Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 17:18:47 +0000
Subject: The Austin Group announces Revision Draft 2 now available
To: pasc-gen-l@******
Sequence: 486
From: Andrew Josey <ajosey@******>



*** Subject:  Austin Group announces POSIX P1003.1 revision Draft 2 now

We're pleased to announce the availability of draft 2 of the
Revision to the Austin Group specifications. This is the second draft of
the revision project and is a ballot draft with IEEE and ISO balloting,
for the full roadmap to the revision see Austin/319.

This is available from the Austin Group web site, reviewers need
to login using their individual ids and passwords at

The review period commences on November 1st  2006 and completes at 8am UK
time on January 31st 2007.

All comments on these documents should be sent in Aardvark format to
the Austin Review  reflector, Please read the following documents at
the download point prior to sending in comments:

        - Committee draft development procedures
        - Committee document maintenance procedures
        - How to submit a review comment
        - Draft reviewers notes.

I attach the reviewers notes.
Happy reviewing!

========================================================Draft 2 Reviewers
Notes = Please Read

These notes accompany Draft 2. Draft 2 is the first draft for ballot and
is being submitted to both IEEE and ISO. These notes should be read
prior to reviewing this draft.

The review period for Draft 2 commences November 1st 2006 and completes
January 31st 2007. A face to face meeting to review comments is
scheduled for the week of Feb 26th 2007 in the USA.

The document is the second draft of this revision cycle. This is the
first feature complete draft for this cycle. The whole document is thus
open for review and comment. 

Bugs can be reported @******

Defect reports against the current standard should continue to be sent

Summary of the Changes
=======================This draft includes new material merged from The
Open Group Extended API
Sets Parts 1 through 4.

This draft includes changes made as a result of issues raised by Austin
Group defect reports, IEEE Interpretations against IEEE Std 1003.1, and
ISO/IEC defect reports against ISO/IEC 9945.

This draft includes a major reorganization of the options within the

Detailed change history is given on each manual page. The Austin Group
interpretations and Austin/325 (Editors notes arising from SD5) should
be consulted.

Note that some editorial changes are not noted in the change history,
for example font changes, or minor rewordings for consistency with other
parts of the document.

See Summary of Technical Changes below.

Change Request Reports
========================The change request reports for Draft 1 together
with their dispositions
are available @******

For the change requests raised on this draft, as usual there are four

     1. Accept - we agreed with the problem and made the suggested
        change as suggested
     2. Accept as marked - we agreed with the problem and made an
        alternate change to resolve it.
     3. Duplicate - this request is a duplicate of another request,
        please see the other request for the resolution
     4. Reject - we did not agree with the problem statement. 

Where a response is other than an ACCEPT the disposition is documented
in the header text section of the ERN

Known Problems and Features
=============================This is a first draft with a new typesetting
tool, this introduces some
improvements such as automated pdf bookmarks, but there are some
problems with page breaks and whitespace, and shading that should be
fixed for later drafts (for example after a table heading sometimes
there is too much white space, sometimes we see a shaded line at the
very bottom of the page).

Any pages thrown blank, or orphaned tables or sections will be fixed up
in the final proof document.

The front matter and introduction sections still require further

The index pages are informational only, they would require further
updates for production.

The Referenced Documents section will be updated in the next draft.

Some technical issues raised by defect reports have yet to be finalized
and missed the cutoff for this draft (October 18 2006). These will be
incorporated in future drafts.

Reviewers may need to refer to the interpretations repository and

Change Bars: As this is the first draft where the whole document is open
for comment there are no change bars.

Summary of Technical Changes
Many of the technical changes are noted below. See the change history
sections for the interface manual pages, and also the Change History for
XBD, XSH and XCU in the Rationale Volume.

The following new functions from The Open Group Extended API Sets Part 1
to 4 are introduced: 
        alphasort(), dirfd(), dprintf(), duplocale(), faccessat(),
        fchmodat(), fchownat(), fdopendir(), fexecve(), fmemopen(),
        freelocale(), fstatat(), futimesat(), getdelim(), getline (),
        isalnum_l(), isalpha_l(), isblank_l(), iscntrl_l(), isdigit_l(),
        isgraph_l(), islower_l(), isprint_l(), ispunct_l(), isspace_l(),
        isupper_l(), iswalnum_l(), iswalpha_l(), iswblank_l(),
        iswcntrl_l(), iswctype_l(), iswdigit_l(), iswgraph_l(),
        iswlower_l(), iswprint_l(), iswpunct_l(), iswspace_l(),
        iswupper_l(), iswxdigit_l(), isxdigit_l(), linkat(),
        mbsnrtowcs(), mkdirat(), mkdtemp(), mkfifoat(), mknodat(),
        newlocale(), openat(), open_memstream(), psiginfo(), psignal(),
        pthread_mutexattr_getrobust(), pthread_mutexattr_setrobust(),
        pthread_mutex_consistent(), readlinkat(), renameat(), scandir(),
        stpcpy(), stpncpy(), strcasecmp_l(), strcoll_l(), strfmon_l(),
        strncasecmp_l(), strndup(), strnlen(), strsignal(), strxfrm_l(),
        symlinkat(), tolower_l(), toupper_l(), towctrans_l(),
        towlower(), towupper(), unlinkat(), uselocale(), wcpcpy(),
        wcpncpy(), wcscasecmp(), wcscasecmp_l(), wcscoll_l(), wcsdup(),
        wcsncasecmp(), wcsncasecmp_l(), wcsnlen(), wcsnrtombs(),
        wcsxfrm_l(), wctrans_l(), wctype_l(),
In this draft although catopen() and related functions and message
catalogs are moved to the Base, the NLSPATH setting in the shell and
utilities has been left as an XSI option.

The XSI extension is now referred to as the XSI option , as per Austin
Group interpretation #112.

The following functions, symbols, and options (for cp) have been removed
from Issue 7: 
        bcmp(), bcopy(), bsd_signal(), bzero(), ecvt(), fcvt(), ftime(),
        gcvt(), getcontext(), gethostbyaddr(), gethostbyname(), getwd(),
        h_errno, index(), makecontext(), mktemp(),
        pthread_attr_getstackaddr(), pthread_attr_setstackaddr(),
        rindex(), scalb(), setcontext(), swapcontext(), ualarm(),
        usleep(), vfork(), wcswcs(), sys/timeb.h, ucontext.h,
        useconds_t, cp -r option, HOST_NOT_FOUND, NL_NMAX, NO_DATA,
The following have been marked obsolescent in Issue 7: 
        _longjmp(), _setjmp(), _tolower(), _toupper(), asctime(),
        asctime_r(), ctime(), ctime_r(), fattach() (from XSR), fdetach()
        (from XSR), ftw(), getitimer(), getmsg() (from XSR), getpmsg()
        (from XSR), gettimeofday(), ioctl() (from XSR), isascii(),
        isastream() (from XSR), posix_trace_attr_destroy() (from TRC),
        posix_trace_attr_getclockres() (from TRC),
        posix_trace_attr_getcreatetime() (from TRC),
        posix_trace_attr_getgenversion() (from TRC),
        posix_trace_attr_getinherited (from TRC),
        posix_trace_attr_getlogfullpolicy (from TRC),
        posix_trace_attr_getlogsize (from TRC),
        posix_trace_attr_getmaxdatasize (from TRC),
        posix_trace_attr_getmaxsystemeventsize (from TRC),
        posix_trace_attr_getmaxusereventsize (from TRC),
        posix_trace_attr_getname() (from TRC),
        posix_trace_attr_getstreamfullpolicy (from TRC),
        posix_trace_attr_getstreamsize (from TRC),
        posix_trace_attr_init() (from TRC),
        posix_trace_attr_setinherited (from TRC),
        posix_trace_attr_setlogfullpolicy (from TRC),
        posix_trace_attr_setlogsize (from TRC),
        posix_trace_attr_setmaxdatasize (from TRC),
        posix_trace_attr_setname() (from TRC),
        posix_trace_attr_setstreamfullpolicy (from TRC),
        posix_trace_attr_setstreamsize (from TRC), posix_trace_clear
        (from TRC), posix_trace_close (from TRC), posix_trace_create
        (from TRC), posix_trace_create_withlog (from TRC),
        posix_trace_event (from TRC), posix_trace_eventid_equal (from
        TRC), posix_trace_eventid_get_name (from TRC),
        posix_trace_eventid_open (from TRC), posix_trace_eventset_add
        (from TRC), posix_trace_eventset_del (from TRC),
        posix_trace_eventset_empty (from TRC), posix_trace_eventset_fill
        (from TRC), posix_trace_eventset_ismember (from TRC),
        posix_trace_eventtypelist_getnext_id (from TRC),
        posix_trace_eventtypelist_rewind (from TRC), posix_trace_flush
        (from TRC), posix_trace_get_attr (from TRC),
        posix_trace_get_filter (from TRC), posix_trace_get_status (from
        TRC), posix_trace_getnext_event (from TRC), posix_trace_open
        (from TRC), posix_trace_rewind (from TRC),
        posix_trace_set_filter (from TRC), posix_trace_shutdown (from
        TRC), posix_trace_start (from TRC), posix_trace_stop (from TRC),
        posix_trace_timedgetnext_event (from TRC and TMO),
        posix_trace_trid_eventid_open (from TRC),
        posix_trace_trygetnext_event (from TRC),
        pthread_getconcurrency(), pthread_setconcurrency(), putmsg()
        (from XSR), putpmsg() (from XSR), setitimer(), setpgrp(),
        sighold() (already in D1), sigignore() (already in D1),
        sigpause() (already in D1), sigrelse() (already in D1), sigset()
        (already in D1), siginterrupt(), tempnam(), tmpnam(), toascii(),
        itimerval, L_tmpnam, P_tmpdir, wctype_t, _POSIX2_PBS_*,
        _POSIX_TRACE_INHERIT (TRI), _POSIX_TRACE_LOG (TRL), qalter (from
        BE), qdel (from BE), qhold (from BE), qmove (from BE), qmsg
        (from BE), qrerun (from BE), qrls (from BE), qselect (from BE),
        qsig (from BE), qstat (from BE), qsub (from BE), trace.h (from
        TRC), stropts.h (from XSR),
The following options have been moved to Base: 
        AIO	_POSIX_ASYNCHRONOUS_IO (Asynchronous Input and Output)
        BAR	_POSIX_BARRIERS (Barriers)
        CS	_POSIX_CLOCK_SELECTION (Clock Selection)
        MF	_POSIX_MAPPED_FILES (Memory Mapped Files)
        MPR	_POSIX_MEMORY_PROTECTION (Memory Protection)
        RTS	_POSIX_REALTIME_SIGNALS (Realtime Signals Extension)
        RWL	_POSIX_READER_WRITER_LOCKS (Read-Write Locks)
        SEM	_POSIX_SEMAPHORES (Semaphores)
        SPI	_POSIX_SPIN_LOCKS (Spin Locks)
        THR	_POSIX_THREADS (Threads)
        TMO	_POSIX_TIMEOUTS (Timeouts)
        TMR	_POSIX_TIMERS (Timers)
        TSF	_POSIX_THREAD_SAFE_FUNCTIONS (Thread-Safe Functions)
The full set of functions moved to Base is as follows:
        aio_cancel() (from AIO), aio_error() (from AIO), aio_fsync()
        (from AIO), aio_read() (from AIO), aio_return() (from AIO),
        aio_suspend() (from AIO), aio_write() (from AIO), catclose(),
        catgets(), catopen(), clock_getres() (from TMR), clock_gettime()
        (from TMR), clock_settime() (from TMR), clock_nanosleep() (from
        CS), dlclose(), dlerror(), dlopen(), dlsym(), fchdir(),
        flockfile() (from TSF), fstatvfs(), ftrylockfile() (from TSF),
        funlockfile() (from TSF), getc_unlocked() (from TSF),
        getchar_unlocked() (from TSF), getgrgid_r() (from TSF),
        getgrnam_r() (from TSF), getlogin_r() (from TSF), getpgid(),
        getpwnam_r() (from TSF), getpwuid_r() (from TSF), getsid(),
        getsubopt(), gmtime_r() (from TSF), iconv(), iconv_close(),
        iconv_open(), lchown(), lio_listio() (from AIO), localtime_r()
        (from TSF), mkstemp(), mmap() (from MF), mprotect() (from MPR),
        mq_timedreceive() (from TMO), mq_timedsend() (from TMO),
        munmap() (from MF), nanosleep() (from TMR), nl_langinfo(),
        poll(), pread(), pthread_atfork() (from THR),
        pthread_attr_destroy() (from THR), pthread_attr_getdetachstate()
        (from THR), pthread_attr_getguardsize(),
        pthread_attr_getschedparam() (from THR), pthread_attr_init()
        (from THR), pthread_attr_setdetachstate() (from THR),
        pthread_attr_setguardsize(), pthread_attr_setschedparam() (from
        THR), pthread_barrier_destroy() (from BAR/THR),
        pthread_barrier_init() (from BAR/THR), pthread_barrier_wait()
        (from BAR/THR), pthread_barrierattr_destroy() (from BAR/THR),
        pthread_barrierattr_init() (from BAR/THR), pthread_cancel()
        (from THR), pthread_cleanup_pop() (from THR),
        pthread_cleanup_push() (from THR), pthread_cond_broadcast()
        (from THR), pthread_cond_destroy() (from THR),
        pthread_cond_init() (from THR), pthread_cond_signal() (from
        THR), pthread_cond_timedwait() (from THR), pthread_cond_wait()
        (from THR), pthread_condattr_destroy() (from THR),
        pthread_condattr_getclock() (from CS), pthread_condattr_init()
        (from THR), pthread_condattr_setclock() (from CS),
        pthread_create() (from THR), pthread_detach() (from THR),
        pthread_equal() (from THR), pthread_exit() (from THR),
        pthread_getspecific() (from THR), pthread_join() (from THR),
        pthread_key_create() (from THR), pthread_key_delete() (from
        THR), pthread_kill() (from THR), pthread_mutex_destroy() (from
        THR), pthread_mutex_init() (from THR), pthread_mutex_lock()
        (from THR), pthread_mutex_timedlock() (from TMO),
        pthread_mutex_trylock() (from THR), pthread_mutex_unlock() (from
        THR), pthread_mutexattr_destroy() (from THR),
        pthread_mutexattr_gettype(), pthread_mutexattr_init() (from
        THR), pthread_mutexattr_settype(), pthread_once() (from THR),
        pthread_rwlock_destroy() (from RWL/THR), pthread_rwlock_init()
        (from RWL/THR), pthread_rwlock_rdlock() (from RWL/THR),
        pthread_rwlock_timedrdlock() (from TMO/THR),
        pthread_rwlock_timedwrlock() (from TMO/THR),
        pthread_rwlock_tryrdlock() (from RWL/THR),
        pthread_rwlock_trywrlock() (from RWL/THR),
        pthread_rwlock_wrlock() (from RWL/THR), pthread_rwlock_unlock()
        (from RWL/THR), pthread_rwlockattr_destroy() (from RWL/THR),
        pthread_rwlockattr_init() (from RWL/THR), pthread_self() (from
        THR), pthread_setcancelstate() (from THR),
        pthread_setcanceltype() (from THR), pthread_setspecific() (from
        THR), pthread_sigmask() (from THR), pthread_spin_destroy() (from
        SPI), pthread_spin_init() (from SPI), pthread_spin_lock() (from
        SPI), pthread_spin_trylock() (from SPI), pthread_spin_unlock()
        (from SPI), pthread_testcancel() (from THR), putc_unlocked()
        (from TSF), putchar_unlocked() (from TSF), pwrite(), rand_r()
        (from TSF), readdir_r() (from TSF), sched_yield() (from THR|PS).
        sem_close() (from SEM), sem_destroy() (from SEM), sem_getvalue()
        (from SEM), sem_init() (from SEM), sem_open() (from SEM),
        sem_post() (from SEM), sem_timedwait() (from SEM and TMO),
        sem_trywait() (from SEM), sem_unlink() (from SEM), sem_wait()
        (from SEM), sigqueue() (from RTS), sigtimedwait() (from RTS),
        sigwaitinfo() (from RTS), statvfs(), strcasecmp(), strerror_r()
        (from TSF), strncasecmp(), strdup(), strfmon(), strtok_r() (from
        TSF), tcgetsid(), timer_create() (from TMR), timer_delete()
        (from TMR), timer_getoverrun() (from TMR), timer_gettime() (from
        TMR), timer_settime() (from TMR), truncate(), ttyname_r() (from
        TSF), waitid(),
Utilities moved to Base:
        alias (from UP), at (from UP), batch (from UP), command (from
        UP), crontab (from UP), csplit (from UP), df (from UP) du (from
        UP), expand (from UP), file (from UP), gencat (from XSI), hash
        (from XSI), m4 (from XSI), mailx (from UP), mesg (from UP),
        newgrp (from UP), nice (from UP), nm (from UP), patch (from UP),
        renice (from UP), split (from UP), strings (from UP), tabs (from
        UP) time (from UP), tput (from UP), tsort (from XSI), unalias
        (from UP), unexpand (from UP), uudecode (from UP), uuencode
        (from UP), who (from UP), write (from UP),
Headers moved to Base:
        aio.h (from AIO), cpio.h, dlfcn.h, iconv.h, langinfo.h,
        monetary.h, nl_types.h, poll.h, pthread.h (from THR), strings.h,
        sys/mman.h (from many), sys/statvfs.h,
Symbols moved to Base:
        _POSIX_AIO_LISTIO_MAX (from AIO), _POSIX_AIO_MAX (from AIO),
        (from MPR), _POSIX_READER_WRITER_LOCKS (from RWL),
        RTS), _POSIX_SPIN_LOCKS (from SPI), _POSIX_THREADS (from THR),
        CS), AIO_LISTIO_MAX (from AIO), AIO_MAX (from AIO),
        (from SEM), SEM_VALUE_MAX (from SEM), SI_ASYNCIO (from AIO),
        SI_QUEUE (from RTS), SI_TIMER (from TMR), SIGILL (CX), SIGFPE
        SIGQUEUE_MAX (from RTS), SIGRTMIN (from RTS), SIGRTMAX (from
        RTS), TIMER_MAX (from TMR), WORD_BIT,
Types moved to Base:
        clock_t, clockid_t (from TMR), id_t, pthread_barrier_t (from
        BAR), pthread_barrierattr_t (from BAR), pthread_spinlock_t (from
        SPI), sigevent (from RTS), sigev_* (from sigevent), SIGEV_*
        (from sigevent), timer_t (from TMR), , si_pid (from siginfo_t),
        si_uid (from siginfo_t), si_addr (from siginfo_t), si_status
        (from siginfo_t),
The following functions are now dependent on fewer options since some
options have moved to Base: 
        msync() (MF/SIO -> SIO) pthread_barrierattr_getpshared()
        (BAR/TSH -> TSH) pthread_barrierattr_setpshared() (BAR/TSH ->
        TSH) pthread_rwlockattr_getpshared() (TSH/THR -> TSH)
        pthread_rwlockattr_setpshared() (TSH/THR -> TSH)
        pthread_attr_getinheritsched() (TPS/THR -> TPS)
        pthread_attr_setinheritsched() (TPS/THR -> TPS)
        pthread_attr_getschedpolicy() (TPS/THR -> TPS)
        pthread_attr_setschedpolicy() (TPS/THR -> TPS)
        pthread_attr_getscope() (TPS/THR -> TPS) pthread_attr_setscope()
        (TPS/THR -> TPS) pthread_attr_getstack() (THR/TSA/TSS ->
        TSA/TSS) pthread_attr_setstack() (THR/TSA/TSS -> TSA/TSS)
        pthread_attr_getstacksize() (THR/TSS -> TSS)
        pthread_attr_setstacksize() (THR/TSS -> TSS)
        pthread_condattr_getpshared() (THR/TSH -> TSH)
        pthread_condattr_setpshared() (THR/TSH -> TSH)
        pthread_getcpuclockid() (THR/TCT -> TCT) pthread_getschedparam()
        (THR/TPS -> TPS) pthread_setschedparam() (THR/TPS -> TPS)
        pthread_mutex_getprioceiling() (THR/TPP -> TPP)
        pthread_mutex_setprioceiling() (THR/TPP -> TPP)
        pthread_mutexattr_getprioceiling() (THR/TPP -> TPP)
        pthread_mutexattr_setprioceiling() (THR/TPP -> TPP)
        pthread_mutexattr_getprotocol() (THR/TPP|TPI -> TPP|TPI)
        pthread_mutexattr_setprotocol() (THR/TPP|TPI -> TPP|TPI)
        pthread_mutexattr_getpshared() (THR/TSH -> TSH)
        pthread_mutexattr_setpshared() (THR/TSH -> TSH)
        pthread_setschedprio() (THR/TPS -> TPS)


Andrew Josey                      The Open Group
Austin Group Chair                Thames Tower, 37-45 Station Road,
Email: a.josey@******      Reading,Berks.RG1 1LX,England
Tel:   +44 118 9508311 ext 2250   Fax: +44 118 9500110

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