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Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 17:47:01 +0100
Subject: P1003.1 D3 recirculation and Austin Group Status Update 14 June 2007
To: pasc-gen-l@******
Sequence: 489
From: Andrew Josey <ajosey@******>


For your information,

The P1003.1 D3 Recirculation ballot is running from June 14 to July 29
2007.  The latest Austin Group status is below

Austin Group Status Update                              Austin/369 Page 1
of 1
Submitted by Andrew Josey, The Open Group. June 14th 2007

The Austin Common Standards Revision Group (CSRG) is a joint technical
working group that manages the joint specification that is  ISO/IEC 9945
(POSIX), IEEE Std 1003.1 and The Open Group Base Specifications Issue 6.

Draft 3 of the revision is now available. This is the second feature
complete draft of the specification, and the first recirculation draft
for IEEE balloting.  Concurrent IEEE and ISO balloting will take place
on this draft.  Draft 3 totals 3718 pages .

Key changes to note for this draft are that the document has been
reformatted to be a single part at ISO/IEC and so the page numbers now
run sequentially through the whole document. Also, within the text this
document is now referred to as “POSIX.1-200x” since the
document is
targeted as a standard across the three development bodies.

There is a two month review period within the Austin Group commencing
June 15th and completing @******lenary review
meeting which is also an ISO Editors group meeting is being held during
the week commencing September 4th to process the comments arising from
the Draft 3 review period. Comments should be sent to the review
reflector and use the aardvark comment format (see
for more

Andrew Josey                      The Open Group
Austin Group Chair                Thames Tower, 37-45 Station Road,
Email: a.josey@******      Reading,Berks.RG1 1LX,England
Tel:   +44 118 9508311 ext 2250   Fax: +44 118 9500110

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