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Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2007 10:38:39 -0800
Subject: Institutional Members Election
To: pasc-sec-l@******
Sequence: 490
From: Nick Stoughton <nick@******>


Folks ... in updating the P&P, I noticed a requirement for us to
re-approve voting status of Institutional Members every year.

Its been several years since we last did this!

Therefore, as secretary, I am calling for nominations for ALL
Institutional Members ... whether you are currently one or not. Lowell
has already received two nominations (one from USENIX, one from The Open
Group). If some other current standing member of the SEC would like to
second this, then I see the process as set out below.

We will hold the nomination process open until November 30.

Here are the rules for IMs from the P&P currently in ballot (and
approved by 13 of the 15 SEC members):

<quote src=SEC-PROC-rev4.2>
B.1 Membership Requirements
In order to obtain Institutional Member status in PASC/SEC, an
organization shall:
    be a not-for-profit organization.
    have technical expertise and interest related to PASC/SEC sponsored
standards work.
    commit to working cooperatively within the IEEE standards process.
    have been represented at two or more of the previous three PASC/SEC

An organization seeking Institutional Member status on the PASC/SEC
    Obtain prior approval from the IEEE Standards Board for membership
in one or more PASC sponsored standards working groups.
    Submit a written request to the PASC/SEC Chair requesting approval
as an Institutional Member to PASC/SEC.
    Obtain approval for membership from the PASC/SEC through a majority
vote of the PASC/SEC membership.

Failure to have a representative at more than one consecutive PASC/SEC
meeting, or failure to meet any criteria listed above, shall be grounds
for removal of Institutional Member status. Removal of Institutional
Member status for an organization shall require a majority vote of the
PASC/SEC membership.

Current IMs are deemed to have already obtained prior approval from the
IEEE Standards Board for membership, and are not therefore required to
re-obtain such approval (unless they want to!). New members must satisfy
all of the criteria.

Starting on December 1, we will hold a 30 day secret election to satisfy
the "Obtain approval for membership from the PASC/SEC through a majority
vote of the PASC/SEC membership" part. For that election, current IMs
will be deemed to have lost their voting rights before the election
commences (to be reinstated after the election, assuming they are

The current SEC total membership excluding IMs is 12. At most 25% of the
total membership can be IMs. That means 3 ... if only USENIX and TOG end
up being on the slate, there is no problem, and we can accommodate 1
other. If we end up with four or more applicants, then there is a rule:
If the number of Institutional Members receiving a majority vote exceeds
the maximum number of Institutional Members which may be accorded voting
status in the PASC/SEC, those candidates receiving the greater numbers
of votes shall be accorded voting status. Ties shall be resolved by the
flip of a coin.

We will hold such an election EVERY December from now on.

Does this all sound reasonable?
Nick Stoughton                          Cell: 510 388 1413
USENIX Standards Liaison                Fax:  510 548 5738

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