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Title: POSIX standards 2003.1, 2003.1b to be dropped at end of 2005
Description: IEEE Stds 2003.1-1992 (Reaffirmed 2000) and 2003.1b-2000 will be dropped by IEEE at the end of the year unless it is requested that they are not In which case, we would have until Dec. 2006 to either revise or reaffirm them.

If there is interest to reaffirm/revise please contact Lowell Johnson

The reaffirmation ballot is essentially a yes/no vote on if the standards should be reaffirmed. It only takes one person to run the reaffirmation, but the ballot group mast have around 10 or more participants. Negatives must have objections and rationale, just as any other ballot. If the first ballot passes, the standard is given another 5 years. If it fails, the standard is withdrawn, unless a WG is formed and a PAR approved to revise.

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Created by: a.josey on 03-Oct-05
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