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This is the web portal for the SSWG-Realtime Working Group. Active projects include the 1003.13 POSIX Profiles revision and 1003.26 Device control.

This is the public level. To access the PASC SSWG RT Working group area for documents etc, you need to be a member of theworking group. To join the working group please join the Mailing list. If you are a new user of The Open Group/PASC web sites you will be an id and password to access the site, if you are an existing user you will then be given access rights to the site.

If you have forgotten your password for accessing this site please use the link on the left.

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Recent E-Mail for pasc.sswg-rt-l Help with Mail
15-May-07 RE: Calling the roster
14-May-07 RE: Calling the roster
11-May-07 RE: Calling the roster
10-May-07 Re: Calling the roster
10-May-07 Calling the roster
10-May-07 Re: [WGCS:] myProject - PARs must be explicitl ...

Aardvark Comments  
14-Jul-04 (latest change) 4 Documents
27-Mar-03 (latest change) 2 Documents
Interface Standard  
27-Mar-03 (latest change) 1 Documents
27-Mar-03 Application-Defined Sheduling Draft 1.0, July 2002 pdf  
24-Jul-03 (latest change) 2 Documents

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