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Title: Company Review announcement: IT4IT Conformance Requirements (Level 1) Version 1.1
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Dear Open Group Members,

I hereby announce the Company Review of the following Open Group Certification materials,

  IT4IT Conformance Requirements (Level 1) Version 1.1

with the IT4IT forum as the sponsor of the review.

The review will commence on March 10, 2017 and end on March 24, 2017.

This document describes the conformance requirements to support IT4IT Foundation certification.
These are being refreshed for alignment with the 2.1 edition of the IT4IT Reference Architecture standard.
The scope of this review is limited to 2.1 alignment.

The review materials and information on how to participate in the review will be available prior to the start of the review at:

The proposed timeline for this review is as follows:

Announce review 24 Feb 2017
Start Review Mar 10 2017
End Review Mar 24 2017
Issue resolution Mar 27-31
Balloting April 3-10 2017
Sanity April 11-25 2017
Board Approval by email

Details of the Company Review process are available at

For the benefit of those unfamiliar with The Open Group Standards Process Company Review, it is a formal process by which a document is approved for publication by The Open Group. You are invited to review and submit proposed changes ("Change Requests - CR") that would make the document acceptable to you. A formal ballot then decides which changes are accepted.

For more information on The Open Group Standards Process see:

Created by: a.josey on 25-Feb-17
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