IT4IT™ Forum Draft Agenda

London, UK, April 25-28, 2016

  Monday April 25 Tuesday April 26 Wednesday April 27 Thursday April 28
0900-1030 Conference Plenary Session Work Group Session:
Core WG
Work Group Session:

Full Forum: State of the Forum Review (09:00-0930)

Define standard interfaces with external service providers - Rob Akershoek

Full Forum:

Workgroup readouts (15 mins each)

Work Group Session:
Adoption WG Maturity Model


1100-1230 Conference Plenary Session Work Group Session:
Core  / IT Financial Management WG
Work Group Session: Discussion:
IT Operating Model & IT4IT - Mark Smalley and Georg Bock
Future Evolution & Expansion to Support Modern Service Management - Ryan Schmierer

Steering Committee:

Workgroup Planning & Roadmaps



1400-1530 IT4IT Track Work Group Session:
IT Asset Management WG
Work Group Session:
SMM WG (13:00-1600)
PR Issues Factory:
Hotwire, The Open Group, SMEs
Forum Roadmap Brainstorm




1600-1730 IT4IT Track Discussion:
Service Model and Overall Data Model - Rob Akershoek
Work Group Session:
Adoption WG CxO Value Proposition
Forum Organization Brainstorm  


Session Type Expected Attendees Eligible Attendees
IT4IT™ Forum Plenary/Track/Open Session All Conference Attendees All Conference Attendees
IT4IT™ Forum Workgroup session Participating Workgroup Members IT4IT™ Forum members only
IT4IT™ Forum Steering Committee Steering Committee Members
IT4IT™ Forum Meeting All Forum Members
I&R Intelligence & Reporting MSIM Multi-Source Incident Management
ITAM IT Asset Management SLM Service Level Management
ITFM IT Financial Management SMM Service Model Management

Last updated: 18th April 2016 (third time)