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What is the problem that the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture is solving?

♦  Insufficiently integrated toolsets to manage the business of IT.

♦  Inability to gain true insight into the capability of delivering value, hence unable to optimize.

♦  Lack of cooperation across all IT competency centers that for the IT Value Chain.

♦  This immaturity makes it virtually impossible to tackle complexities like cloud, mobility, BYOD, ...)

What is the mission of the IT4IT™ Forum?

♦  To "professionalize" the business of IT based on the  IT Value Chain concept (similar to what manufacturing did decades ago with Supply Chain and ERP)

♦   To define an IT service model and supporting IT Reference Architecture - critical to enabling the delivery of differentiated business services that keep our lines of business competitive

♦    To address existing landscapes while enabling the incorporation of changing IT paradigms, such as Cloud,  DevOps, Agile, consumerization,and multi-sourcing.

♦    To make the IT4IT  Reference Model an IT industry open standard, leveraged by IT, vendors and partners to improve IT relevance in a consumer market where a credit card and access to the Cloud threaten to bypass IT.

What is the value of the IT Value Chain & IT4IT™ Reference Architecture?

When the IT Value Chain and IT4IT™ Reference Architecture is articulated, instituted and automated, the business can experience:

♦    huge cost savings in IT (see Gartner quote)

♦    significantly improved response times for IT service delivery, helping the lines of business innovate and compete

♦    their business consumers able to consume exactly the permutation of service that they require, increasing customer satisfaction


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