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The purpose of the Interconnect Software Consortium is to develop and publish software specifications, guidelines and compliance tests that enable the successful deployment of fast interconnects such as those defined by the InfiniBand_ specification.

Software specifications include programming interfaces and protocols. The specifications to be developed include:

  • Extensions to the UNIX Sockets API;
  • An API that provides direct user application access to interconnect transport;
  • APIs that provide programming interfaces for RDMA capable devices, focusing on the services provided by the network interface driver.

If your company is a member of the Interconnect Software Consortium, you may gain access to the members-only website by joining the icsc-all mailing list. To register yourself, please click here.

25-Nov-05 Interconnect Transport API Version 2.1 Released
21-Sep-05 RNIC Programming Interface Version 1.0 Released
15-Apr-05 Interconnect Transport API Version 2.0 Released
06-Jan-05 Extended Sockets API Issue 1.0 Released
10-Jun-04 New RNIC Programming Interface Working Group

29-Nov-05 IT-API 2.0-2.1 diff-marked document pdf  
26-Nov-05 IT-API Version 2.1 C Language Header Files h  h  
25-Nov-05 IT-API Version 2.1 2.1 pdf  
21-Sep-05 RNIC Programing Interface 1.0 pdf  
06-May-05 ES-API 1.0 Assertions 1.0 zip  
04-May-05 IT-API 2.0 diff-marked headers pdf  
17-Apr-05 IT-API 1.0-2.0 diff-marked document pdf  
17-Apr-05 IT-API Version 2.0 C Language Header Files h  h  
15-Apr-05 IT-API Version 2.0 2.0 pdf  
06-Jan-05 ES-API Issue 1.0 1.0 pdf  

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