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The purpose of the Interconnect Software Consortium is outlined in the following extract from the Membership Agreement:

The specific purpose (Specific Purpose) of the Managed Consortium is to develop and publish software specifications, guidelines and compliance tests that enable the successful deployment of fast interconnects such as those defined by the InfiniBand™ specification.

Software specifications include programming interfaces and protocols. The specifications to be developed include:

Extensions to the UNIX Sockets API;

An API that provides direct user application access to interconnect transport;

APIs that provide application access to interconnect fabric management infrastructure.

The Managed Consortium will develop or contract for the development of compliance tests that make it possible to determine whether a product conforms to a specification. However, the Steering Committee may publish a specification prior to the availability of a compliance test for that specification.

The Specific Purpose of the Managed Consortium includes publishing its specifications for wide and unrestricted use, and providing for licensing of intellectual property needed to implement the specifications on reasonable and non-discriminatory terms.

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