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The Sockets API Extensions Working Group will specify additions to the standard UNIX (Berkeley) Sockets API that improve the efficiency of network programming. The interfaces will be defined for user-space subsystems and will facilitate protocols such as SDP that bypass the TCP/IP software stack. The interfaces may additionally be adapted for kernel-space subsystems. The primary goal is to preserve the large existing base of sockets applications, enabling portability where reasonable, while providing a natural evolution to more efficient transport protocols in an industry-standard manner. It is intended that these extensions will be submitted to the Austin Group for consideration in a future revision of the Single UNIX Specification.


Jeff Messing, IBM
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Recent Documents  
26-Mar-03 minutes for 2003-03-20 txt  
18-Mar-03 minutes for 2003-01-02 txt  
18-Mar-03 minutes for 2002-12-05 txt  
18-Mar-03 minutes for 2002-11-07 txt  
18-Mar-03 minutes for 2002-10-31 txt  
18-Mar-03 minutes for 2002-10-15 txt  

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