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● Q: Isn't the Jericho Forum just another talking shop?

A: To define the problem facing us all required common agreement, and thus talking. But having defined the problem in the vision statement (published February 2005) the Jericho Forum has moved on with workgroups to address the specific areas defined. The board of management is committed to an inclusive debate while delivering relevant output in a timely manner

● Q: What is the "Jericho Forum Challenge"?

A: The Jericho Forum Challenge was a competition run in 2005 association with Blackhat ( ) to submit papers on topics related to de-perimeterisation. The aim was to stimulate debate in the wider IT and Security community and for companies and individuals to become engaged in the Jericho Forum work, irrespective of whether they were Jericho Forum members.

● Q: Will there be a "Jericho Forum Challenge" in 2006?

A: This is still being discussed but seems likely given the success of the 2005 challenge.

● Q: If I'm interested, how do I find out more?

A: Contact the Jericho Forum via the web site: or send email to

● Q: What differentiates the Jericho Forum from all those other standards and pressure groups?

A: Simply; it’s not vendor or product driven, and has provided safeguards to ensure that a vendor and/or product cannot unduly influence proceedings. The focus is on getting common & open industry solutions to a problem that is affecting us all.

● Q: Why will the Jericho Forum make a difference?

A: Because as a user-led group, we have a vested interest in achieving working and interoperable solutions as fast as possible.

● Q: Where does the Jericho Forum stand on Open Standards?

A: If de-perimeterisation is to be successful then computer systems from different manufacturers must be able to securely interoperate as well as computer systems between organisations / companies / corporations.

Thus the Jericho Forum (and The Open Group) positively promote the need for open and unrestricted (patent/royalty-free, or if not free then at least available at fair market terms to all) open standards on the protocols and techniques for enabling this to happen.

● Q: Where does the Jericho Forum stand on Open Source?

A: The Jericho Forum is agnostic on Open Source for most aspects of computer systems. With fully open protocols, there is no reason why a vendor proprietary system will not be able to integrate with an open source computer system.

● Q: What is the correct way of writing the DP word?

A: The correct way is de-perimeterisation.

However in the US the term is often spelt with a "z" rather than an "s" - "de-perimeterization".

The spelling without the hyphen is often also used ("deperimeterization" or "deperimeterisation") but is incorrect.