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Jericho Forum is the leading international IT security thought-leadership association dedicated to advancing secure business in a global open-network environment. Members include top IT security officers from multi-national Fortune 500s & entrepreneurial user companies, major security vendors, government, & academics. Working together, members drive approaches and standards for a secure, collaborative online business world.


Identity Commandments
for building a stronger digital ecosystem and improving cybersecurity were launched by the Jericho Forum in it's May 10th London Conference.  These Identity, Entitlement and Access Management (IdEA) commandments present a set of design principles that focus on the fundamental design issues surrounding identity management and access to systems, services and data. They provide users and solutions providers with benchmarks for evaluating the effectiveness of existing and emerging identity initiatives and solutions. 
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The Infosecurity Buyer’s Guide
has been developed with and for the Infosecurity Europe tradeshow (19-21 April) to provide guidance and questions to business users attending the show. It equips them with the killer questions they should ask themselves before they arrive at Infosecurity Europe and questions for the vendors once there enabling them to get the best from the show. Download it here


"Jericho Forum publishes infosec buyers’ guide"
Computer Weekly, April 7, 2011

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