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Title: OMI 1.0.8-4
Version: 1.0.8-4
OMI 1.0.8-4 Release Notes
The sections below describe a new feature or a bug that was fixed in OMI 1.0.8-4.
Important Notes:
 -Linux packages (RPM and DEB) are now available for OMI. The package and service name is omi. The packages are available for x86 and x64 architectures, and for systems with OpenSSL 0.9.8 and OpenSSL 1.0.x
 -Linux packages now register the OMI daemon with the name: omid
Issues that are Fixed in this Release:
 -Linux packages set the wrong owner on some files
 -WSMan requests may cause segmentation faults in rare cases
Package md5 checksums
a2da3f2dfc62a1df1ade5ff69aa04b68  omi-1.0.8.ssl_098.x64.deb
675291fddd2ec7464e20d52c15efd177  omi-1.0.8.ssl_098.x64.rpm
c063548ba46bd48a31da3ebafa446ee8  omi-1.0.8.ssl_098.x86.deb
ee3aba2e89952ebd94385cadc6d9f3dc  omi-1.0.8.ssl_098.x86.rpm
961933c23e51878cbadc1369120a458f  omi-1.0.8.ssl_100.x64.deb
bfcec0d1b82205f66e95669839dbf872  omi-1.0.8.ssl_100.x64.rpm
28b76ca4ecb971cceed97885de3107ab  omi-1.0.8.ssl_100.x86.deb
776d2c154a39ed5ca8715f1345dedbea  omi-1.0.8.ssl_100.x86.rpm
b85c177939d62fabdefa3d9f67881b51  omi-
571e9b1e98027f7e9d00a76afe68cd6a  omi-    
Attachments: gz omi-  gz omi-  
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