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Welcome to The Open Group Open Process Automation™ Forum Member's site. This site is in support of an effort to specifying a rigorously defined, open and  interoperable automation architecture.

This is the Public Plato collaboration site of The Open Process Automation™ Forum, a forum of The Open Group. 

03-Mar-18 The Open Process Automation Journey Continues
20-Feb-18 ExxonMobil Updates Progress on Open Process Automation Initiative
10-Feb-18 How Open is Open Process Automation?
08-Jan-18 IIoT and the Open Process Automation Forum - Food Engineering
16-Nov-17 Wind River Blog: Delivering Craft Beer and Industrial Control: Closer than You’d Think
16-Nov-17 The Future of Process System Architectures – Insights from 2017 Foxboro User Group
11-Sep-17 Technology Spotlight: The Great Digitization of Industry
21-Aug-17 ARC's Harry Forbes: Solving the Industrial IoT Embedded System Problem
19-Aug-17 ExxonMobil OPA Interview at S4
07-Aug-17 Will...Open Process Automation cause an inflection for Digital Manufacturing?
07-Aug-17 Why Did Schneider Electric Acquire nxtControl?
01-Aug-17 ISA POWID presentation on the ExxonMobil advanced controls initiative
25-Jul-17 Tokyo Workshop on Open Process Automation Draws EPCs
13-Jul-17 New Generation MES for the Factory of the Future
08-Jun-17 IIoT Security Article from ARC
31-May-17 Automation World: Industry is Reinventing the DCS
11-May-17 Open Architecture Standards and Vendors: Finding Clarity Amidst the Chaos By Bill Lydon, Editor,
05-May-17 Control: Exploring the importance of joining the Open Process Automation™ Forum
03-May-17 Control: Selling standards to the C-suite
06-Apr-17 ARC's Harry Forbes Blog: News from ExxonMobil about Open Process Automation
05-Apr-17 LNS Research: Gauging if the Open Process Automation™ Forum will Deliver
04-Apr-17 Controls 10 most read articles of March - Check out Number 1
04-Apr-17 Automation World: Bringing Legacy Control to the Internet of Things
22-Mar-17 Breaking the interoperability barrier
22-Mar-17 Compliance of the Victim: ARC Industry Forum Highlights an Industry in Transition
15-Mar-17 End user support of OPA’s efforts necessary for interoperability's success
02-Feb-17 Open Automation Events at the 2017 ARC Industry Forum
15-Dec-16 Blog from LNS Research: The Open Process Automation Forum: Why Should a Manufacturer Care?
17-Nov-16 ARC Blog Post on Open Process Automation Forum Events
12-Oct-16 Open Automation at the ARC Orlando Forum
30-Sep-16 Open Process Automation Movement Taking Form at ExxonMobil's 2nd Industry Day
27-Sep-16 Will Open Automation Reverse Trend Toward Best Integrated Suite?
09-Aug-16 ExxonMobil/The Open Group Continue Push for Open Process Control Architecture
29-Jun-16 ARC Advisory Group: Report from ExxonMobil Industry Day
07-Jun-16 Want to Know More about ExxonMobil’s Automation Program? Save this date!

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