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This is the working WEB site for The Open Group's OpenPegasus open source project. It is intended asa common source of information for the members of the project and others interested in the implementation of OpenPegasus. This is a working site and will change and grow as the project continues.

OpenPegasus is an open-source implementationof the DMTF CIM and WBEM standards. It is designed to be portable and highly modular. It is coded in C++ so that it effectively translates the object concepts of the CIM objects into a programming model but still retains the speed and efficiency of a compiled language. OpenPegasus is designed to be inherently portable and builds and runs today on most versionsof UNIX(R), Linux, OpenVMS, and Microsoft Windows.

Getting Involved

OpenPegasus is an open-source project. The project is operated under the auspices of The Open Group however, use of the code or contribution to the project is not limited to members of The Open Group.

To get involved, you will need to create an account using the Register link in the left-hand navigation bar. You will then be able to login and use the My Open Group link to join the OpenPegasus project.

Once you have logged in, you will have the option to join the pegasus-architecture mailing list where the 'real' development work takes place. When you are logged in, use the Project Mailing Lists link to manage your participation in the project.

Recent News  
13-Jun-13 OpenPegasus 2.13.0 milestone for Functional Complete completed
02-May-13 OpenPegasus 2.11.2 Release available
21-Mar-13 OpenPegasus 2.12.1 Release Snapshots are available
Recent E-Mail for pegasus-l Help with Mail
03-Feb-18 Re: Cimprovagt idle timeout
30-Jan-18 Re: Cimprovagt idle timeout
30-Jan-18 Re: Cimprovagt idle timeout
30-Jan-18 Re: Cimprovagt idle timeout
30-Jan-18 Re: Cimprovagt idle timeout
29-Jan-18 Re: Cimprovagt idle timeout
29-Jan-18 Re: Cimprovagt idle timeout
29-Jan-18 Cimprovagt idle timeout
07-Sep-17 Re: Re: Windows native SSL support for Pegasus
07-Sep-17 Re: Windows native SSL support for Pegasus

Recent Documents  
31-Mar-15 (latest change) 115 Documents
31-Mar-15 Release 2.14.1 2.14.1 gz  zip  htm  
27-Mar-15 Release 2.14.0 2.14.0 gz  zip  
24-Jul-13 Release 2.13.0 2.13.0 gz  zip  
29-Apr-13 Release 2.11.1 2.11.2 gz  zip  
21-Mar-13 Release 2.12.1 2.12.1 gz  zip  
24-Oct-12 MDC 2011 Pegasus Presentation 1.0 pdf  pdf  
05-Oct-12 Release 2.12.0 2.12.0 gz  zip  
01-Dec-11 Release 2.10.1 2.10.1 gz  zip  exe  
07-Sep-11 Release 2.11.1 2.11.1 gz  zip  exe  
12-May-11 Release 2.11.0 2.11.0 gz  zip  exe  
13-Oct-10 Release 2.9.2 2.9.2 gz  zip  exe  
02-Apr-10 Release 2.10.0 2.10.0 gz  zip  exe  
14-Oct-09 Release 2.8.2 2.8.2 gz  zip  exe  
17-Sep-09 Release 2.9.1 2.9.1 gz  zip  exe  
13-Aug-09 Release 2.7.3 2.7.3 gz  zip  exe  
Contact Information

OpenPegasus is an open source project of The Open Group. For more information contact the administrator.

If you experience any problems with broken links, or incorrect or unexpected functionality, click here to request help.
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