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Category: Snapshot
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Title: Release 2.11.1
Version: 2.11.2
Sticky: No

OpenPegasus Release 2.11.2

Availability of this Release

This release is available in a number of formats including:

  • Source release in both ZIP and TAR formats. These can be downloaded from the OpenPegasus Web site at
  • OpenPegasus source RPMs on the OpenPegasus web site.. A source RPM is available on the OpenPegasus web site that can be used to build binaries for most LSB-compliant RPM-based Linux distributions and versions.
  • The Pegasus CVS repository. The CVS tags representing this release and subsequent snapshots that are made available in the Pegasus CVS are defined on the OpenPegasus CVS repository web page (see the OpenPegasus CVS page for information) using the tags defined on the release snapshots page.

The instructions for acquiring the released code are on the OpenPegasus WEB site. Installation instructions are part of the README in the root of the Pegasus source tree.

OpenPegasus Functionality for This Release

Pegasus overall status by release is defined by a Feature Status WEB Page that is available on the OpenPegasus web site . That web page shows the Pegasus users and developers the status of the various features found in Pegasus using a simple color coded key (white, red, yellow, green) and a description of each feature.

OpenPegasus 2.11.2 is a minor release.

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Files: gz pegasus-2.11.2.tar.gz  
Visibility: Public
Status: Final
Created by: m.kirk on 29-Apr-13
Archived: No
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