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Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2017 22:38:14 +0530
Subject: Re: Sample Client CIM
To: =?UTF-8?Q?Edgar_Alfredo_L=C3=B3pez_Ordu=C3=B1a?= <edgar.lopez@******.mx>
Sequence: 10260
From: Shubhra Garg <shubhra.garg09@******>


Hi Edgar,

Download cimple zip /tar file from website.Cimple is a language used for provider development over open Pegasus. Then search for cimple pdf /book. Read the book, concepts. There are 3-4 commands using which template files are generated using cimple over open Pegasus.

A mof file is used which uniquely registers a provider to CIM object manager. This mof file define the name of the class and other properties.

The template file are empty function definitions which we need to fill in with the properties of the storage and network devices. Generally we make use of enum instance for filling in the properties. You can find the functions like load(), unload() etc in these template files.

CIM classes act as base classes and the companies write derived classes for their storage and network devices. 

Hope this information helps! 
Note : I am a beginner in the CIM providers. So, the above is my understanding of the providers

On Apr 26, 2017 10:27 PM, "Edgar Alfredo López Orduña" <> wrote:

Hello my name is Edgar López,


I’m doing a research about CIM and I would like to know if You can help me to find some samples about how can I implement CIM whit OpenPegasus.


I hope that You can help me.


Thank you for all.

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