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OpenPegasus Contribution Agreement

The OpenPegasus Steering Committee has set a requirement that all contributions to the project must be covered by a signed Contribution Agreement. The Agreement can either be executed by an organization to cover all their employees, or by an individual.

The following organizations have signed the Contribution Agreement.  If you are an employee of one of these organizations, please contact your Organization's Coordinator using the link below.

EMC HP IBM Inova Microsoft S P Software Technologies Sun Symantec

Agreements Signed by Individuals

If an individual's employer has rights to intellectual property that includes their contribution, their employer is also required to execute the agreement. Effectively, execution of the Agreement by an individual will only be appropriate in a limited number of cases where their employer has no interest in the intellectual property.

In general there is no need for an individual to execute the Agreement as an individual if they are employed by an organization that has already executed the Agreement.

Agreements Signed by Organizations

If the Agreement is being signed by an organization, the following process will be observed:

  1. The organization is required to designate a Coordinator who will work with the OpenPegasus Administrator.
  2. If an employee of an organization that has signed a Contribution Agreement requests access to make contributions to the project, the OpenPegasus Administrator will pass the request on to the Organization's Coordinator.
  3. If an Organization's Coordinator is notified, either directly or by the OpenPegasus Administrator, of a request for access to make contributions to the project, they will notify the OpenPegasus Administrator if they approve the request. The OpenPegasus Administrator will make the necessary arrangements to grant access. The Organization Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all employees granted access to make contributions are aware of their responsibilities under the Contribution Agreement.

Obtaining and Returning the Agreement 

The Agreement can be downloaded here. Signed Agreements should be returned by fax to +44 870 133 6521 or  by e-mail to  the OpenPegasus Administrator. The Administrator will arrange for the Agreement  to be countersigned and a copy will be returned to the submitter.

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