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Pegasus Downloads

Binary Releases

Binary releases are available for certain Linux distributions as part of these distributions. OpenPegasus does not do binary releases today.

In the future, binary releases for the Windows platform may also be available. Today, the source is available as snapshots, a source RPM, or from CVS.

Pegasus Source Snapshots

Source code for Pegasus releases is available as RPMs (for Linux) and both tar and zip files. the tars and zip files are available here and from links on the OpenPegasus wiki.

Pegasus Source Code CVS Repository

The Pegasus source code is installed in CVS in a CVS repository created on The Open Group site with anonymous access for checkout and write/checkin access to members of the working group.

If you need write access to the CVS repository, please contact

The CVS repository is also available using the CVSweb interface.

Building and Installing Issues

Pegasus can be installed and built from either the CVS or the snapshots. Since neither is a stable release yet, please expect some problems.

We regularly build Pegasus on both Linux and NT. We use a common build system based on GNUMAKE. To keep the make system completely common and demand as few extra tools as possible, we have designed an extra tool for use with the NT make. Both a version of GNUMAKE for NT and our tool (MU.EXE) are available in the work/SNAPSHOT directory.

The only other external tool is the Microsoft compiler for the NT builds. We have not tested the building of Pegasus on CYGWIN.

Early versions of Pegasus required the ACE_Wrappers package which is freely available from the University of Washington ACE site and can be built on either NT or Linux. Today, we are not providing the binary version of this library. If you need it, rather than compiling, please notify one of the Pegasus team members.


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