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The Pegasus source  is installed in a CVS repository created on The Open Group site with open anonymous checkout access and write/checkin access to members of the Pegasus working group.

The Pegasus source tree includes:

  • The current source code
  • make files
  • Readme.txt
  • Documentation
and can be found at the following Open Group CVS server;

using the password authenticating server option (pserve).

Anonymous access for read is with the name and password "anon" as follows:

         When requested, enter the password "anon"

The source tree is in the directory pegasus. To check out the complete Pegasus  source tree just type:

         cvs co pegasus

A Pegasus directory will be created under your the current directory and populated with the complete source tree and documentation. To get the latest updates after a checkout just type this from Pegasus root:

         cvs update -d

Active contributors to Pegasus have write access to the CVS repository. If you are interested in contributing back to the Pegasus project, (i.e. write (checkin) access to CVS) please request access from either Karl Schopmeyer  or Martin Kirk.

Keep in mind the Pegasus is in development today and the CVS is the state of the current work, not a release.

Pegasus Release Versions in CVS

We use CVS tags to define versions of Pegasus.  Each release is represented by a tag and in the future, stable interim versions will also be represented by the tag "stable". Thus, the source code for version 0.8 of the complete source and documentation tree is represented by the tag version_0_8.

Checkout without tags gets the latest version and may not be stable.

Getting and Installing CVS

CVS already exists on Linux systems and is available for Windows based systems from  Help on the use of CVS is available from the same site. For those getting started, we recommend the book "Open Source Development with CVS" by Karl Fogel.  Parts of this book are available in PDF form at

Hints and tips on the use of CVS

The following is a set of informal hints and tips on the use of CVS. This list will grow as we answer more user questions and problem.

1. Updating.  Don't forget the -d parameter (cvs update -d). Without this option you do not pick up new directories installed in the repository.

2. If you simply want to see differences, the cvs command "cvs -nq update -d" will give a lost of all components that are different between the local modules and the repository.

The CVS repository is also available using the CVSweb interface.

If you experience any problems with broken links, or incorrect or unexpected functionality, click here to request help.
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