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This is the repository for all the Pegasus PEPs.

A Project Enhancement Proposal (PEP) is a document which describes some important part of the project. PEPs may be technical, dealing with proposed technical enhancements, procedural, documenting the way in which the project operates, or informational, recording some piece of knowledge for posterity.

The procedure for creating, submitting, and reviewing PEPs is described (naturally) in PEP#1.

This web area is divided into two parts. A document repository which contains approved PEPS, and a document review area which contains PEPs currently under review.

You need to be logged in for write access to the Review Documents area. This allows the creators of documents and the submitters of comments to be identified. If you don't have a login, follow the Mailing Lists link on the left and subscribe to get a login ID.

PEP Repository
Approved PEPs
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Recent Approved PEPs  
31-Mar-15 (latest change) 235 Approved PEPs
Sticky Document (1) 05-Aug-11 PEP#304 - Renaming the interop namespace 1.6 Inline Content htm  
31-Mar-15 PEP#368 - OpenPegasus 2.14.0 Release Notes 1.1 htm  
24-Jul-13 PEP#366- OpenPegasus 2.13.0 Release Notes 1.03 htm  
19-Sep-12 PEP#364 - OpenPegasus 2.12.0 Release Notes 1.2 htm  
06-May-12 PEP#358 - WSMAN Eventing support in Pegasus 1.1 Inline Content htm  
Recent PEPs for Review  
PEP#363 - Latest ICU version Support 0.2 html   8 comments
PEP#304 - Renaming Interop Namespace 1.7 htm   4 comments
PEP#361 - cimcli support for embedded instances 1.1 htm   0 comments
PEP#304 - Renaming the interop namespace 1.4 htm   8 comments
PEP#359 - Pegasus 2.11.0 Release Notes 1.01 htm   0 comments

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