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Title: Single UNIX Specification Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ Version 1.11)
Version: 1.11
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Last Updated : Jun 1 2015: freq.ques,v 1.11

This is the Frequently Asked Questions file for the Single UNIX Specification. Its maintainer is Andrew Josey (ajosey at The Open Group ). Suggestions and contributions are always welcome.

This document can be found on the world wide web at

UNIX® is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the USA and other countries.

The Open Group holds the definition of what a UNIX system is and its associated trademark in trust for the industry. The official web site for more information is

This article includes answers to the following.

Q0. What is the Single UNIX Specification?
Q1. What is The Open Group Base Working Group ?
Q2. What is the Austin Group?
Q3. What is the latest version of the Single UNIX Specification?
Q4. Where can I read/download the Single UNIX Specification Version 3 from? Is there a book?
Q5. Where can I read/download earlier versions of the Single UNIX Specification from?
Q6. How do I become a participant in the Working Groups?

Q7. Does an operating system have to be derived from AT&T/SCO code to meet the Single UNIX Specification?
Q8. What about UNIX Certification?
Q9. Where can I get a UNIX License Plate from?
Q10. How do I get permission to excerpt materials from the standard for reuse in my product?
Q11. How do I add a question to this FAQ?

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Created by: a.josey on 18-Oct-15
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