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Title: ISO C Defects 'Closed but not Published'
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Description: The attached document represents ISO C Defect Reports that have reached "Closed" status, but are yet to be published in a TC.

In the past, most notable with ISO-C TC2, we have subsequently found issues with ISO-C defects when we have come to merge these with POSIX. Therefore, I strongly encourage all AG members to review these, especially where they overlap with POSIX!

ISO C intends to start a TC3 probably by the end of this year, and will publish it at around the same time that the POSIX revision completes. Wherever possible, we should take these defects as part of the input to the revision project.

Where a defect has been closed but the AG believe that something has been overlooked, we can reopen them (and WG14 strongly encourages us to do so BEFORE they are published!)
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Created by: n.stoughton on 31-Mar-06
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