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Category: Reference Document
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Title: POSIX and Linux Application Compatibility Design Rules
Version: 1.0
Sticky: No
Description: This is a paper that is being proposed as a white paper for publication by The Open Group.

White Papers are informative and not formal consensus documents. They
are published within the bookstore.

The review period will commence June 4 2007 and run for two weeks.

The process for approval to publish is as follows:

Notice period for review (1 week)
- email notice sent to all forum members
usually with a pointer to the materials
Review Period (2 week)
Reviewers are asked to comment on
suitability for publication and submit
comments via change requests
Discussion teleconference
In the week after the review a teleconference
will be held if necessary to discuss comments
Vote on approval (1 week)
A vote would be held using the Plato voting mechanism
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Files: pdf POSIX_and_Linux_Application_Compatibility_Final_-_v1.0.pdf  
Visibility: Public
Status: Draft
Created by: a.josey on 18-May-07
Updated by: a.josey on 25-May-07
Archived: No
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