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Title: Announcement of TC2 Draft 2
Version: 2008TC2 Draft 2

2008 TC2 Draft 2 Reviewers Notes = Please Read

These reviewers notes accompany 2008 TC2 Draft 2 dated October 2015.

2008 TC2 Draft 2 is the second committee draft of Technical Corrigendum number
2 for the Austin Group Specification (aka IEEE Std 1003.1-2008, The Open Group
Base Specifications, Issue 7, ISO/IEC 9945:2009, including Technical
Corrigendum 1). These notes should be read prior to reviewing the documents.

The review period for 2008 TC2 Draft 2 commences October 15 2015 and completes
on November 15 2015. No IEEE, The Open Group or ISO balloting is occurring on
this draft. A teleconference meeting will be held if necessary after that date
to resolve any comments.

All interested parties are invited to review these comments and submit
comments directly to the Austin Group. Please use the Mantis bug tracker.
Further information on bugreporting against these documents can be found at

2008 TC2 Draft 2 contains all technical corrigenda candidate items arising
from agreed defect reports, interpretations and resolutions up to October 1

This document contains a set of changes against the final approved standard
(page and line numbers are against the final standard).

Accompanying the TC2 Draft 2 is a version of the Base standard with the
changes merged, and change bars against the 2013 edition of the standard.

[Note to reviewers: Reviewers are requested not to report problems with layout
or with the style of table borders or bullets, as these will change once the
document is moved to an official IEEE template. Please note that in this draft
some line numbers are repeated in footnotes in  the frontmatter.]

Background information on Technical Corrigenda

A technical corrigenda item can change the meaning of the standard, as such
all technical corrigenda require formal approval by the sponsoring
organizations (usually through a formal ballot process).

The following are the criteria for a Technical Corrigenda (TC) item:

* It has to be in the scope of the original Austin Group project. (see
* It should be non-controversial ( a TC is intended to pass ballot at
the first attempt)
* It contains no new APIs (functions/utilities), however it may add
enumeration symbol and non-function #defines and reserve additional
* Typically a TC is used to fix contradictions between different parts
of the standard, add consistency between the standard and overriding
standards, and to fix security-related problems.
Created by: a.josey on 18-Oct-15
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