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Title: Company Review of Technical Corrigendum 2 of the Base Specifications, Issue 7
Version: None

Dear Open Group Member,

I hereby announce the Company Review of Technical Corrigendum 2
of the Base Specifications, Issue 7 with the Platform Forum Base Working Group
as sponsor of the review.

This document has been developed by the Austin Group, which is
a joint working group of The Open Group Base Working Group,
the IEEE PASC, and ISO SC22.

The review period within The Open Group commences February 19 2016 and completes on April 1 2016. IEEE and ISO balloting are also occurring on this draft. Teleconference meetings will be held after that date to resolve comments.

All interested parties are invited to review this draft and submit comments directly to the Austin Group.

The draft is now available and can be obtained from

Comment submission is via the Austin Group Mantis bug tracker, using page and line numbers included in the draft.

Please use the Mantis bug tracker at: Please select Project 2008-TC2, and Draft 3 for Product Version, when reporting bugs.

This document contains a set of changes against the final approved standard (page and line numbers are against the final standard).

In addition to the document under review is an accompanying merged full document implementing all the changes. This is available as a reviewers aid.

+ The (commenting but not balloting) review group will be the Platform Forum Base
Working Group, the Austin Group, plus other interested parties from The
Open Group membership and the IT industry at large.

+ The (recommendation formulating) change request review group
will be the Austin Group

+ The balloting group consists of the members of the Platform Forum Base Working Group.

In addition, we will be encouraging participation in the company review by
other consortia and interest groups with acknowledged interest and
expertise in this field.

I hereby assert that this submission satisfies the Standards Adoption

Ballot resolution will be against the proposed resolutions put forward
by the sponsor.

For the benefit of those unfamiliar with The Open Group Company Review
process, it is a formal process by which a document is approved for
publication by The Open Group. You are invited to review and submit
proposed changes ("Change Requests") which would make the document
acceptable to you. A formal ballot then decides which changes are
For more information see


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