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Title: Austin Group teleconference +1-888-426-6840 PIN: 2115756
Date: 02-Nov-2017
Time: 11:00 America/New_York
Note: If this is an event series, events will always occur at this time in the specified timezone. The time of the event will differ in other timezones and may also be affected by the local implementation of Daylight Savings Time.
Duration: 1½ Hour
Category: Teleconference
Visibility: Public
Recurrence: This is a one-off Event   

* All calls are anchored on US time **

--->Please note EU timezone change this week<---

Topic: Austin Group teleconference
Audio conference information
Call-in toll free number (US/Canada): +1-888-426-6840
Participant PIN: 2115756.

All Austin Group participants are most welcome to join the call.
The call will last for 1.5 hours .
This call is handling defect report processing.

An etherpad is usually up for a meeting, with a URL using the date format as below:
username=posix password=2115756#

Additional Call-in numbers:
Germany                 Caller Paid            0-69-2443-2290
Germany                 Toll-Free               0800-000-1018
United Kingdom       Caller Paid           0-20-30596451
United Kingdom       Toll-Free              0800-368-0638
USA                         Caller Paid           215-861-6239
USA                        Toll-Free               888-426-6840
Denmark                 Caller Paid            32711870
Denmark                 Toll-Free               80-717000
Czech Republic          Caller Paid             2-39016353
Czech Republic          Toll-Free               800-143-484
Call-in numbers for other countries are available on request

Bug reports are available at:

ICAL text:
* All calls are anchored on US time **

--->Please note EU timezone change this week
Export event: Click here Download ICAL file to download the ICAL file.
Created by: a.josey on 27-Oct-17
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