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The Open Group Open Platform 3.0 Forum focuses on new and emerging technology trends converging with each other and leading to new business models and system designs. Its objective is to help enterprises gain business advantage from them.

This page is the main Open Platform 3.0 Plato page. Information and work-in-progress is kept on this page, and on work group and project Plato pages. Access to most of this information is restricted to representatives of Open Group member companies. Access to much of it is further restricted to people that participate in the Open Platform 3.0 Forum, or to people that participate in particular work groups or projects.

If your company is a member of The Open Group then you can click the Login button to log in to this page to see more information.

If you don't have an Open Group login id, visit our collaboration portal and click the Register button.

To join the Open Platform 3.0 Forum, your company must be a member of The Open Group with Open Platform 3.0 entitlement. Log in to our collaboration portal and look at the Forums section. This will tell you whether you have entitlement to join the Open Platform 3.0 activity. If you do, you can join the Forum by clicking its Click here to join link. Joining the Forum enables you to see its working documents and to contribute to its work. There is no obligation to contribute if you do not wish to do so.

If your company is not yet a member of The Open Group, you can find out about the benefits of membership and how to join in the membership section of our website.

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Sticky Document (100) 03-Jul-15 Plato Tutorial   
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Chair: Michael Flores, IBM

Forum Director: Michelle Supper, The Open Group.

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