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Title: Open Platform 3.0 Members Meeting in San Francisco
Date: 28-Jan-2016
Time: 09:00 America/Los_Angeles
Note: If this is an event series, events will always occur at this time in the specified timezone. The time of the event will differ in other timezones and may also be affected by the local implementation of Daylight Savings Time.
Duration: All-day
Category: Face-to-face
Visibility: Public
Recurrence: This is a one-off Event   
09:00 Security Capabilities in the Open Platform 3.0 Standard
Joint meeting with the Security Forum. See the topics for discussion.
10:30 Break
11:00 Data management and Event Correlation Capabilities in the Open Platform 3.0 Standard
Discussion of the generation of actionable insights from available information and event streams.
12:00 Liaison with the IT4IT Forum
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Modern Service Oriented Architecture
Joint meeting with the SOA Work Group.
Discussion of how SOA has evolved to meet modern business needs, of microservices-based fabric architectures, and of the service catalog capabilities of the Open Platform 3.0 standard.
15:30 Break
16:00 Forum Status
  • Development of the Digital Platform Standard
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Computing
  • Digital Business Strategy and Customer Experience
  • Internet of Things
  • Semantic Interoperability
17:30 Close
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Created by: c.harding on 21-Jan-16
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