The Open Group ArchiMate¨ Forum Members meeting Agenda  - London 2016



The ArchiMate¨ Members meetings will focus be on the impact of the release of the new version of the standard and to show the new features through case studies and tutorials following a very practical approach.


There are two meetings programmed


á       ArchiMate¨ Forum open session. Real case presentation – workshop. This will be an Open session to non-members.

á       General ArchiMate¨ Forum members meeting to make a follow up on the current activities and the different topics and matters for the Forum


ArchiMate¨ Forum open session - Real case presentations and workshop (open session)

Wednesday, April 27th 2016.  1:30 pm – 3:30 pm





á      Introduction                                                   Henry Franken. Forum Chair

á      Real Case presentation                            1:30 – 2:30

           Overview and Insight - a practical approach to connect business,               applications and technology with Archimate¨


            Presenter : Lourens Riemens and Marcel van Dijk

            Ministerie van Financien


á      Panel with presenters – Networking –

      Brainstorming-                                             2:30 – 3:20                           

á      Final wrap up and recommendations –             3:20 – 3:30





The Open Group ArchiMate¨ Forum Agenda


London– Monday , April 25th 2016 - 4pm – 5:30 pm



á       Introduction and Welcome message.

      Henry Franken – Forum Chair


á       Approval of Minutes from San Francisco 2016 Meeting


o   Meeting minutes

o   Consent items

o   Open actions

á       Future Meeting Schedule Confirmation:

o   Dates for Officer and Member Meetings

o   Calendar: 

á      ArchiMate Coronado Project – Release of the new version of the standard

o   Proposed resolutions to change requests and Company review status report

o   Activity plan to address the impact of the new release in the ArchiMate Ecosystem

o   Planning for the launching event in Austin to address North and Latin America


Links: Working plan Coronado release

Status Report

¤  Working plan to address changes in the Ecosystem

¤  Project Site:


á      UML ArchiMate Profile and MOF Metamodel Status Update. Antoine Lonjon

o   General Report about the UML status

o   General report on the MOF development inside the ArchiMate Forum

o   Report on the actions taken along with the OMG to address the impact on the new release in the UML Profile development.

o   Other related issues


á      Projects review and update


o   Capability Based Planning: approval to continue as a joint project (ArchiMate and Architecture forums). Future plan and evolution for the white paper

¤ Project Site

¤ Status Report  

o   Status report for the Standard publication: ArchiMate Model Exchange Format draft – detail in the status report – Andrew Josey

¤  Actions defined to align with Coronado

¤  Standard marketing activities

¤  Impact in the Certification program

Link to the report:

ArchiMate Specification Maintenance Project – Andrew Josey

¤  Status Report: ArchiMate Coronado under Forum review

á       ArchiMate Marketing Status and marketing activities – Sonia Gonzalez

¤  Certification numbers and report for users that had downloaded the standard

¤  Members participation and trends analysis

¤  General update on the marketing activities to support the standard adoption

¤  Update on the Case study developments

á      IT4IT models in ArchiMate - exported in the ArchiMate¨ Model Exchange File Format. 

á      AOB


á      Meeting Summary

o   Open actions and consent items review

o   Actions definition for the Austin Event Members Meetings and sessions that would be needed.