ArchiMate¨ Forum open session - Real case presentations and workshop (open session)

Wednesday, July 20th 2016.  4:00 pm – 5:30 pm






Open Session: Combining ArchiMate With Other Modeling Techniques. Case study developed in CoServ


 Part I: ArchiMate to Complement Business Process Visuals, by Joel Scheller – 4:00 – 4:45


á       Practical experiences with combining ArchiMate and BPMN models

á       Using ArchiMate to visually depict the underlying Data Management structures associated with BPM activities

á       Business change supported relates to payment management in two categories:

o   Reissued payments

o   Escheats



Joel Scheller is a Certified Business Analysis Professional working in the Project Management Office of CoServ. CoServ is the second largest electric power cooperative in the state of Texas, serving more than 200K electric meters across 7 counties.


Open Workshop, hosted by Marc Lankhorst. 4:45 -5:30


The second part of this session is an open workshop where practitioners can discuss the practical use of ArchiMate in the context of other modeling techniques. On the one hand, this includes more detailed design languages such as UML and BPMN, on the other hand this concerns linking ArchiMate to higher-level methods and techniques such as Balanced Scorecards, SWOT analyses or Customer Journey Maps. We cordially invite practitioners to contribute their own case stories and models, share their experiences and learn from each other.