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Welcome to The Open Group Architecture Forum Members' website.

This is the starting point for information about the forum projects, project deliverables, recent and upcoming member meetings, email archives, how to subscribe to / unsubscribe from mailing lists, and how to flip your subscription between access-only and access-plus-email.

If you are new to the forum please look at the Administrivia information.

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Welcome to the  Architecture Forum Members' website.

Members should select the login link on the left panel to access members information.

The mission of The Open Group Architecture Forum is to advance The Open Group’s vision of Boundaryless Information Flow™, for and between enterprises, through a set of programs that focus on all architectural aspects of this objective. These include:

  • Providing broad and deep leadership to the EA community
  • Validating, publishing, fostering, and maintaining best practices for EA
  • Developing, organizing, researching, and publishing thought leaders in EA
  • Initiating and managing programs and projects to support these activities
Twitter Timeline

Company Reviews: 2015  
06-Sep-17 (latest change) 3 Documents
Company Reviews: 2016  
29-Apr-16 (latest change) 1 Documents
Company Reviews: 2017  
09-Dec-17 (latest change) 4 Documents
Company Reviews: 2018  
26-Apr-18 (latest change) 4 Documents
Materials: Amsterdam 2017  
18-Oct-17 (latest change) 1 Documents
Materials: Houston 2018  
20-Apr-18 (latest change) 1 Documents
Materials: London 2018  
15-Apr-18 (latest change) 1 Documents
Materials: Members Meetings 2016  
27-Jul-16 (latest change) 4 Documents
Materials: Members Meetings 2017  
06-Sep-17 (latest change) 2 Documents
Materials: San Diego 2018  
25-Jan-18 (latest change) 1 Documents
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