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Category: Company Reviews: 2015
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Title: Company Review Announcement: TOGAF® Version 9.1 - Simplified Chinese
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Dear Open Group Members,


I hereby announce the Company Review of the following Open Standard with The Open Group Architecture Forum as the sponsor of the review:


TOGAFฎ Version 9.1 - Simplified Chinese




Because this Company Review is a review of the translation of TOGAF Version 9.1 to Simplified Chinese, Change Requests should only pertain to the correctness of the translation of the standard and should NOT include any changes that would result in a a change to the wording or the intent of the working in the English Version of TOGAF 9.1. Any changes that you would like to propose for changes to further versions of the standard are outside the scope of this review and should  be brought to the attention of the Forum members via, where they will be considered at a later date for future versions of the standard.


The review will commence on November 11, 2015 and end on December 9, 2015.  (Please Note: The Review Documents are available now for you to download in preparation for the review.)


The (commenting but not balloting) review group will be The Open Group Architecture Forum, plus other forums, work groups and interested parties from The Open Group membership.


The recommendation formulating change request review group will be the Architecture Forum and invited Subject Matter Experts.


The balloting group consists of the members of the Architecture Forum.


I hereby Assert that this submissions satisfies the Standards Adoption Criteria.


Ballot resolution will be against the proposed resolutions put forward by the sponsor.


For the benefit of those unfamiliar with The Open Group Standards Process Company Review, it is a formal process by which a document is approved for publication by The Open Group. You are invited to review and submit proposed changes (“Change Requests - CR”) that would make the document acceptable to you. A formal ballot then decides which changes are accepted.


For more information about The Open Group Standards Process see:


How to Participate:



This review is using the Change Requests submitted by email to allow reviewers to provide detailed text changes in Simplified Chinese, please however include the rationale for the change in English (comments can be submitted using MS Word, RTF, html, pdf or text formats).

Members are requested to review the draft standard and submit Change Requests (CRs, see format below) which they consider will make the translation more accurate. CRs should be sent to & and must be received by the closing date.

When submitting CRs via email, please use the following subject line: CR Submission for TOGAF 9.1 - Simplified Chinese Version.

LINK to the PDF document to be used for the company review:

The file is password protected, The key to open it is “TOGAF9.1”



It is very important that you follow these instructions.


To ensure completeness, please submit change requests in the following standard format, so that all reviewers can process them in a deterministic manner.


Document Title: TOGAFฎ 9.1 - Simplified Chinese Version


Source: Name and member organization submitting the CR


Change number: For ease of reference when submitting several CRs, please allocation CR numbers sequentially.


Title: Short title describing the request (please identify the exact changes by definition)


Line Number: The line number in the PDF document, where the change is being requested.


Qualifier: Nature and Severity of the change requested:

Severity: Minor, Major, Critical

Nature: Editorial, Technical

Rationale: Reason the change is needed

Change: Identify the precise text/diagram you want changed (added, deleted, or modified), and specify the exact changes you propose. Changes lacking specific editing instructions are open to (mis)interpretation, so to avoid being asked to clarify, be specific.

(If necessary the change can be included in an attachment)

You will be asked to supply your Open Group ID and password to access the current draft (PDF) version above and the review site when available. If you have forgotten your ID and/or password, you can request assistance at: or, respectively.

The Timetable for this review is as follows:

10/29/15: Announce Company Review

11/4/15: All review materials must be posted (on or before). (Please note: The review document is available now for you to download in preparation for the review).

11/11/15: Review Opens

12/9/15: Review Closes

12/12/15 - 12/19/15: Convene teleconferences to propose resolutions

12/23/15: Ballot Opens

1/2/16: Ballot Closes

1/9/16: Sanity Review Opens

1/16/16: Sanity Review Closes

1/20/16 - 1/26/16: Forward to Governing Board for Approval

2/2/16 - 2/8/16: Executive Management Team Approval

2/10/16: Publish Standard


Procedure for Resolving CRs submitted during Company Review:


1.    All requests for modifications must be the subject of formal change requests. They should be submitted as noted above.


2.    Immediately after being received from the sponsor, proposals recommending how each submitted change should be handled shall be circulated to the review group, together with a ballot table.


3.    ALL members entitled to vote shall vote by electronic mail via the ballot group alias on EVERY submitted proposal within the agreed period. The ballot results shall be circulated immediately after the end of the ballot period.


4.    A `clear majority' is declared on each proposal if and only if at least 75% of votes cast (excluding abstentions) are in the same direction; i.e. a proposal can be `clearly accepted' or `clearly rejected' or `unresolved'. Further discussion of the unresolved change requests during an agreed period may occur for an agreed limited period to seek a clear majority decision.


Eventually, only changes that achieve 75% approval will be accepted.


5.    The sponsor will announce the outcome of the vote.

Please contact both Sonia Gonzalez (s.gonzalez@opengroup.rg) and Maggie Gao (, if you have questions or need additional information.


You can use the link below to unsubscribe/subscribe (maintain your own account) yourself to specific Forums or workgroup mail lists:


If you wish to be removed from all Open Group Communications please place a ticket/request into the help desk here:

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