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Welcome to the Security Forum's Identity Management website.

We need a global framework for online identity management
in which every individual who wants a trusted online identity can own one,
and from that safely and securely join online groups they wish to belong to

while maintaining their individual rights to privacy,
and remain in control of their own online identity.

Effective Identity Management enables the right information to reach the right people. It is an essential security component for achieving The Open Group's vision and mission for Boundaryless Information Flow.

Jericho Forum Publications

At the end of Oct 2013, the Jericho Forum sunset and its legacy of publications, support materials and work-in-progress was adopted by the Security Forum.  This included the substantial work the Jericho Forum published on Identity in the Cloud and on Identity, Entitlement & Access (IdEA) Management:

Current Activities

The Security Forum seeks to collaborate with and leverage work on developing components contributing to open system solutions that conribute towards a globally interoperable Identity Ecosystem.

Since January 2012, we have participated in the US-Government-funded National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) Initiative
and in March 2012 we joined the NSTIC-funded IDentity Ecosystem Steering Group (IDESG)
(free membership) to contribute to this widely industry-driven international effort to develop a common framework for development of open standards that will enable development of trusted identity management systems that will allow all individuals worldwide who want a global trusted online identity to own one. IDESG free membership will end in mid-2014; continued participation as a non-profit with 26-100 staff will cost $2500pa.

Global Identity Forum
Formed in Feb 2013, this Forum aims to promote and steer the development of a single global identity solution based on the Jericho Forum's Identity Commandments and Identity Ecosystem Guide, and then maintain and manage the core technology for any solution, and its evolution.


The Jericho Forum started to address the challenge that for business enterprises to share information with collaborating partners, they require mutual trust that these partners manage their identity and data protection systems to acceptable levels. In 2008 Cloud Computing began to demonstrate huge cost benefits, but enterprises found that without trusted identities they could not risk moving their information and applications into the Cloud to benefit from those huge potential cost benefits. Form these business imperatives, they first developed their Cloud Cube model (Sept 2009), then their Identity Commandments (May 2011), and their Identity Ecosystem guidance and set of five 4-minute videos  (August 2012) - see above for links to these publications.

In 2007 our Identity Management Forum merged into our Security Forum.  During 2001-2007 its members developed the following publications in the context of Identity Management as a Directory Management application:

  • Identity Management business scenario, July 2002: Explored the requirements for identity management, the environment within which it must exist, and the implementation architectures that have been proposed for it.
  • Identity Management Roadmap white paper, March 2004: Explored key concepts of identity management, placed these concepts within their business, personal, and technical perspectives, and proposed steps to realize these concepts.
  • Identifiers in the Enterprise, Dec 2006: A joint development activity with the Network Applications Consortium (NAC) and the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF), to establish an understanding of the requirements for core identifiers
  • Core Identifier Framework Matrix, April 2007: A further joint development activity with the Network Applications Consortium (NAC) and the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF), to provided a reference point for identifier classifications, and also a basis for the selection of an identifier form for a global standard common core identifier.
  • Architectures for Identity Management, May 2007: Addressed the key issues that an enterprise architect needs to consider in the process of developing an enterprise identity management architecture.

Get Involved

For more information, and to get involved in promoting debvelopment and adoption of open standards and standards-based vendor solutions that contribute to the goal for building a global trusted identity ecosystem, email us.


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