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In Feb 2009 the Jericho Forum launched it's Collaboration Oriented Architecture (COA) Framework for design of architectures which provide effective security to enable business collaboration over and network, with business partners, suppliers, customers, and outworkers, in de-perimeterised environments. The Architecture Forum has achieved global success since 1996 with successive launches of The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) and its Architecture Development Method (ADM). The 'security' content of TOGAF9, which was also launched in Feb 2009, does include several mentions of security considerations as represented in the Security Forum's Security in TOGAF white paper, but does not integrate security issues into its framework in ways which security architects consider will deliver best results. It is therefore timely for the Security Forum to take the Jericho Forum's COA Framework and demonstrate how it can be used to design secure architectures, by positioning COA as a reference architecture within TOGAF9. The objective is to explain to IT architects and systems designers how to design computing architectures that are secure in de-perimeterised environments. It will provide a valuable basis for organizations to develop their own COA-compliant architectures. The planned deliverable from this project is a COA-compliant reference architecture demonstrating how to design secure architectures using the TOGAF ADM. Want to know more? You need to log in as a member to see the project development and review documents and other reference materials. For further information contact the Security program Director - Ian Dobson.

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For further information contact the Security program Director - Ian Dobson.

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