The Open Group Security Forum Agenda, Members’ Meeting, San Francisco, USA


Tuesday, January 26, – Security Forum Members’ Meeting


09:00-09:15 Agenda review and announcements


09:15-10:30 Overview of Security Forum projects status 

Š      TOGAF Security Project

o   Security Guide status (Integration of Risk and Security in a TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture)

o   Presentation by Thorbjorn Ellefsen on a proposal utilizing agile methods to develop the Security Forum’s Practitioners Guide Series

o   Discussion on revised outline and roadmap

o   Integrating with the Architecture Forum and other future inter-forum activity


10:30-11:00 Break


11:00-12:30 Continuation


12:30-14:00 Lunch


14:00-17:30 Continuation

Š      Mike Jerbic will conduct a presentation and discussion on engaging academia:

o  “The goal of this session is to define how (and if) the Open Group Security Forum wants to engage with conventional academia.  Topics include how to outreach and promote OG SF standards such as FAIR to undergraduate and graduate educators, student engagement with the Open Group through scholarship prize competitions (such as FAIR analyses or other demonstrations of student skills in Open Group security forum arenas), and other ideas we might brainstorm.”

o  Review of current Charter


Wednesday, January 27, 2016


09:00-11:00 Continuation of Agenda items. The Day is reserved for overflow of the previous day’s discussions and any new Agenda items.

Š      Two new initiatives will be proposed  

o   09:00 --- 10:00 The first is a white paper that will map concepts, terms, and definitions from Open FAIR to STIX, which is a threat expressions language standard initially developed by MITRE, and now being standardized by OASIS.

o   10:00 --- 11:00 The second is an Open FAIR Process Guide. This project will be led by Eva Kuiper of HPE. An approved charter has been reviewed.


11:00 -  14:00 Break/Lunch (Possible room location change)


14:00 -  17:00


Š      Risk Analyst professional certification program 

Š      Security automation

Š      Data principles

Š      O-ISM3 Security Management


17:00-17:30 Joint Meeting with the Architecture Forum

Š      Security Guide status (Integration of Risk and Security in a TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture)

Š      Security Architecture Practitioners Guide development

o   Discussion on revised outline and roadmap

o   Discussion on inter-forum strategy/cooperation/availability of material etc.


Thursday, January 28, 2016


09:00-10:30 Joint meeting with Open Platform 3.0       

09:00 – 16:00 Open FAIR “Training-in-a-box” to be held at the Open Group office.