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Welcome to the Secure Mobile Architecture (SMA) Website.

SMA Standard

  • The SMA Snapshot was published in March 2013
  • The Security Forum devlopment work to upgrade to SMA standard was completed in Oct 2013
  • Company Review of the draft SMA Standard was successfully completed in Dec 2013
  • As at 24 Jan 2014 we look forward to The Open Group Governing Board and Open Group Management approving the recommendation of the sponsoring Security Forum to publish this SMA Standard on 5 Feb 2014.

On publication, the SMA Standard will supersede the SMA Snapshot, which will be retired.

SMA Snapshot

The Open Group published the Secure Mobile Architectures (SMA) Snapshot in Feb 2013. It is available from our Online Publications Catalog at
It will be retired when the SMA Standard is published.

As background:

  • the SMA Snapshot built on the SMA Technical Study published by The Open Group in February 2004 (
  • an Open Group "Snapshot" raises industry awareness of our activity on a specific technical topic, in advance of our intent to develop it further to become an Open Group standard.
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