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"Updating 1998 XDAS Specification to 2013 DASv2 Standard"
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Welcome to the Update-XDAS Website.

Goals for DASv2

In 1997, the Open Group Security Forum published its XDAS Preliminary Specification.  This publication is freely downloadable at:

The goal of this Update-XDAS project is to take the best parts of the 1997 XDAS specification, combine that with current industry best practices and input from experts in the events audit & logging field, and create a new XDAS version 2 standard that meets the much more demanding requirements that prevail in event management and regulatory and compliance industries.  An early decision was to remove the UNIX API dependencies inherent in the 1997 XDAS specification, and instead focus on the classification of generic events and the event format. The intent in the replacement XDAS standard is to allow any events consumer to understand and process event audit data into meaningful form no matter how it was received – syslog, file, or a real API.

Update XDAS plan: July 2013

This document (see Documents below) provides a brief history of the Distributed Audit Service (XDAS) specification, explains why the Update XDAS project has been on hold for some time, and proposes a future work plan to complete updating XDAS as originally planned when this project was started back in 2008.

DASv2 Resumes when DMTF CADF Standard is available

The DASv2 project began in 2007, and by 2008 had developed it's re-structured content, but then decided to adopt the DMTF's Common Information Management (CIM) objects as its events library, so was put on hold pending DMTF development of its Cloud Audit Data Federation (CADF) standard.  The DMTF now expect to publish CADF in 1st quarter 2014.  As soon as it is published we expect to resume DASv2 development.

Get Involved

To find out more about DASv2, and perhaps get involved in this significant event management project, contact

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