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The Semantic Interoperability Work Group is a work group of the Open Plaform 3.0 Forum.

The mission of the Semantic Interoperability Work Group is to enable semantic interoperability on a global scale by fostering the development and take-up of vendor-neutral semantic interoperability standards, best practices, and technologies. This will be accomplished by producing deliverables that prove semantic interoperability is real today, and demonstrating how it can add business value.

The work group is developing the Open Data Element Framework (O-DEF), a standard way of indexing enterprise information that can produce big cost savings. This project is the most important activity of the Semantic Interoperability Work Group. The O-DEF supersedes and replaces the former UDEF framework.

At the public level, you can see a small amount of the posted material. You can see more material by logging into the page with your Open Group id. You can obtain an id free of charge: visit our collaboration site and click the Register button.

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