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Companies in all industries and of all sizes have expressed a growing need for migrating their existing application assets into new architectures guided by SOA concepts. The rationale is based on:

  • Financial considerations (protecting investments, leveraging existing assets)
  • Employee skill migrations (rather than replacing people)
  • Stability (retaining operational software benefits)
  • Evolutionary renewal (enabling new and emerging technologies)

The Legacy Evolution to SOA project will:

  • Provide an overview of Legacy Evolution approaches in the participating member organizations
  • Define a taxonomy for Legacy Evolution
  • Define the outline of a Legacy Evolution method answering the most urgent industry needs, based on L2SOA and other methods available through the members
  • Position Legacy Evolution within Enterprise Architecture and SOA Governance
  • Define organizational and tooling requirements for the refined method phases – these requirements will be stated in a way similar to SOA Reference Architecture definitions
  • Define measurements and estimating models for Legacy Evolution
  • Define skill maps and education roadmaps for Legacy Evolution practitioners


  • Open Group Guide to Evolving Legacy Systems to SOA

Latest Accomplishments

The Guide was published in April 2012.

Next Steps

The project is completed.

Standards and Drafts

  • Open Group Guide to Evolving Legacy Systems to SOA

Project Co-Chairs

Joost van der Vlies
T.J. Virdi

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