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Title: An Introduction to The Open Group's SOA Governance Framework
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Description: This webinar was delivered twice:
  • On 15 October 2009, presented by Jorge Diaz (IBM), Heather Kreger (IBM), and Milena Litoiu (CGI) - first link
  • On 26 October 2009, presented by Chris Harding (Open Group), Mats Gejnevall (Capgemini), and Carleen Christner (HP) - second link
Industry adoption of SOA validates the importance of good governance practices in assuring that organizations reach and surpass their intended goals. The SOA Governance Framework was developed by The Open Group SOA Work Group to ensure enterprises can benefit from proven best practices without having to invest in developing a framework of their own, thereby reducing the overall risk associated with SOA. This vendor-neutral framework helps to build a common understanding, vocabulary and approach for good governance. Unlike other governance frameworks that are focused on IT rather than enterprise architecture or SOA, such as ValIT and COBIT (from ISACA), and ITIL, the new framework provides specific guidance for governance
of SOA.

This webinar provides an overview of the SOA Governance Framework and describes the value of adopting a standard method using the SOA Governance reference model and vitality model. Participants will gain an understanding of the framework processes, guiding principles, roles &
responsibilities and benefits. They will also learn how to apply the framework to different organizational circumstances to enhance the usage and reuse of resources (people, technology, processes) and optimize business results.
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