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Title: The Open Group Service Integration Maturity Model (OSIMM)
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Description: The Open Group SOA Integration Maturity Model (OSIMM) provides a means to assess an organization’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) maturity level. It defines a process to create a roadmap for incremental adoption which maximizes business benefits at each stage along the way. The model consists of seven levels of maturity and seven dimensions of consideration that represent significant views of business and IT capabilities where the application of SOA principles is essential for the deployment of services. The OSIMM acts as a quantitative model to aid in assessment of current state and desired future state of SOA maturity.

OSIMM may be used to support an SOA assessment of a single project or for an entire line of business, the entire enterprise, a service eco-system, or industry. The purpose of the OSIMM assessment method is to assess the current maturity and determine the target maturity level (goal state) necessary to meet stated business objectives.

Extending the OSIMM model to assess maturity against additional maturity indicators such as SOA industry frameworks is expected and encouraged. The OSIMM assessment method is iterative and evolutionary. As an organization adopts an SOA strategy, becomes more familiar with OSIMM assessments, and accumulates experience implementing SOA systems, it may add its own maturity indicators to the model.

The value of OSIMM as an assessment tool is to provide SOA transformation and adoption guidance for the SOA governance process.

Using SOA within the enterprise creates a solid foundation for Cloud Computing, and OSIMM is therefore of value to enterprises that are considering using The Cloud.

This Webinar explains:
  • The concept of service integration maturity
  • How different maturity levels can give different business benefits
  • The Open Group's Service Integration Maturity Model (OSIMM)
  • How to assess an enterprise's maturity level using the OSIMM
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Created by: c.harding on 09-Sep-10
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