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Title: SOA Agenda for the Seattle Conference, January/February 2010
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Friday January 29 - Sunday January 31, 2010
09:00- 17:30 SOA Work Group Meeting
This meeting will progress the work of selected SOA Work Group projects. The discussions will proceed in two parallel streams:
  1. SOA/TOGAF Practical Guide: Friday 29 through Sunday 31
  2. Ontologies for SOA and SOA Reference Architecture -
    • Ontologies for SOA: 09:00 on Friday 29 to 15:00 on Saturday 30, followed by
    • SOA Reference Architecture: 15:00 on Saturday 30 through to the end of Sunday 31

We will meet in the Chinook Room of the conference hotel. (Details of the room for the second stream will be advised at the meeting.)

Monday February 1, 2010
09:00- 12:30 Conference Plenary - Changing the Conversation.
(See the conference Monday Plenary program.)
14:00- 17:30 SOA Track.
The SOA track on the Monday afternoon features presentations on Business-Driven SOA. (See the conference SOA program.)
Tuesday February 2, 2010
09:00- 12:30 Conference Plenary - The Language of the Business Architect.
(See the conference Tuesday Plenary program.)
12:30- 14:00 SOA Governance Clinic
A group of experts will be available to discuss issues and answer questions on SOA Governance over lunch.
14:00- 17:30 SOA Track.
The SOA track on the Tuesday afternoon features presentations on SOA Deployment and SOA Models and Frameworks. (See the conference SOA program.)
Wednesday February 3, 2009
12:30- 14:00 SOA Governance Clinic
A second session of the clinic will be held over lunch.
14:00- 17:00 SOA Tutorials.
On the Wednesday afternoon, the conference program features a series of SOA tutorials developed by the SOA Work Group. (See the conference tutorials program.)
Thursday February 4, 2010
09:00- 10:30 Joint Meeting of the Real Time ES, Security Forum and SOA Working Group
The SOA Work Group will participate in this meeting, whose aim is to consider extending TOGAF to meet specific stakeholder concerns in areas covered by Open Group Forums and Work Groups. The SOA Work Group will present its perspective at 10:10, and it will be discussed from then until the break.
11:00- 12:30 SOA and Security
The SOA Work Group will meet jointly with the Security Forum to discuss security issues for SOA and to progress the work of the SOA and Security project.
09:00- 17:30 SOA Workshop
There will be a SOASystems workshop co-located with the conference, but with separate registration and payment, on the Thursday and Friday. Further details are to be announced.
Friday February 5, 2010
09:00- 17:30 SOA Workshop (continued)
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